Yahoo Fantasy Basketball – Week 6


Unfortunately in Yahoo Fantasy Basketball, you will have to be very attentive to your lineup throughout the week. Also, as is the case in any fantasy sport, if you top player gets hurt it will be tough to win consistently, which has been troublesome for me ever since Kyrie Irving went down and hasn’t played in some time. That being said, the season does go one, and although I am currently sitting in 8th position and out of the playoff race, there is plenty of time to catch up!

Week 4 – Lost to Suck it Biotch 3-6

After getting my first victory in week 3, I went back to the losing column in week 4. My defensive stats were pretty good, with my team winning in blocks 25 to 19, as well as winning the turnover battle, only turning it over 63 times against my opponents 108. That is where the good times stop though, with only one other category won and 6 lost.

I did manage to get the field goal percentage win, with .465 against .448. Free throw percentage went to my opponent, with a score of .744 to .810, and no other offensive category really was very close. He had 60 three pointers made versus 31 from my team, 669 total points against 512 for me, 256 rebounds while I finished with 234, and 145 assists and only 80 for my players. Steals was slightly closer, only losing by 3, 31 steals for him and 28 for me.

Week 5 – Lost to 805 Legends 2 – 7

Another tough week against the 805 Legends, finishing with only 2 category wins while they finished with 7. My only 2 wins came on free throw percentage, with a .762 percentage against his .741, and turnovers, which seems to happen when you lose the rest of the offensive categories. I had 67 total while my opponent had 111.

None of the other categories were particularly close unfortunately. I finished with a field goal percentage of .467, while my opponent had one at .525. He finished with 89 three point shots while my team only had 45. That continued into total points, which my team was only able to manage 476 points, and they had 868.

It did not get any better from there, with rebounds going to them by a total of 346 to 225, and assists of 217 to 68. The defensive stats were just as bad, with steals going the wrong way with only 28 for my team and 58 for his, as well as 44 blocks for 805 Legends and only 31 for this team. This is one of those weeks that you just try to forget about as soon as possible!

Week 6 – Lost to Tony’s Choice Team 3-6

Another week, another loss for my team. Although it was slightly better, with my team able to put together 3 categorical wins, it was still not a good week. I won on turnovers against, with on 61 to his 76, but like I said before, that seems to be a bad sign overall. Kryie Irving still out is definitely hurting my team at this point.

My team was able to squeak out the rebound advantage, with a total of 240 while Tony’s Choice Team only had 235, and field goal percentage went my way as well, with a .470 percentage while theirs was only .444.

The rest of the categories went the other way, starting with free throw percentage of .763 against an average of .795. Points were a little closer this week, with my team scoring 585 while his had 654, but three pointers made went against me again, 74-53 which probably didn’t help the total points much. I almost got the blocks this week, falling short 15-17, and steals were not too close with his team having 40 while mine getting 29. Assists were not close either, with me losing 130-94.

Week 7 – Beat Unicorn Express 5-4

After a tough 3 game stretch in which I was not necessarily close to winning any of those match ups, my team finally pulled through with a close 5-4 win over Unicorn Express. Even with Kyrie Irving still out, the rest of my team played well enough to get the 5 categorical wins, and was very close on a few others.

My team was able to get the field goal percentage up a little, winning .480 to .442, but lost the free throw percentage with only .774 against their .832. Barely won the three pointer made category, with 51 over their 50, but did have a nice advantage in total points scored with 579 to 431. Rebounds went my way as well, 219 to 140, and managed a close win in assists, 89-85.

I barely lost the steals race, 30-28, as well as the blocks, which they won 24-23. I actually lost the turnover battle, with 62 while the Unicorn Express only having 54. Still, this week was much better the the previous 3 weeks, and until Kyrie comes back I will be struggling to pick up points throughout the season.


So after a tough month, I am sitting solidly in 8th place, with an overall record of 26-37, and 21 games behind first place. 6th position is not too far away only 4 games behind the last playoff spot, with plenty of time to catch them. Unfortunately, my only 2 weekly winds this week came against the current 9th and 12th place teams. In order to catch up to the pack, I will need to start winning against teams ahead of me. That will be tough since it looks like Kyrie will probably be out for at least a couple more weeks, possible longer.

I will need to add players, but unfortunately there are not any players like Kyrie Irving left lying around the waiver wire at this point in the season. On the fortunate side, there is still 13 more weeks left in the regular season for fantasy basketball, so there is time to right the ship.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment below!


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