Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Rankings – Week 3


Week two is over and it was a much better week! I ended up winning the week 7-3 over Silver Bullets and moved up from 12th place to 7th place overall, one spot out of a playoff spot. Amazing how things can change week to week in fantasy sports!

Goalies are Important!

My strategy to bolster my goal tending worked out this past week, helping my overall week by winning 3 out of the 4 goalie categories. If I can keep that up I should be able to stay in every match up through the year.

I added one more goalie, Mikko Koskinen of the Edmonton Oilers, who has been playing very well this year when filling in for Mike Smith, who I also have on my team. With the Oilers having a very solid start, I want to have whichever person who is in the net starting for me every night.

Offense is Solid

I was able to win 4 of the 6 offensive categories, and was close to getting another category, with 7 goals while the other team only had 8. Shots on goal I finished pretty far behind, so that may be something to look into as the year progresses. Had a good amount of hits, with 46, but there are other teams around the league that would have beat me there.

I am still waiting on the Dallas Stars on my team to start stepping up, which I figure will happen eventually, and that will boost my offensive numbers. As of right now, T.J. Oshie of the Washington Capitals is carrying me with 4 goals, an assist, 3 power play points, 10 shots on goal and 5 hits this past week. If I can get 2 or 3 more players with that kind of output I will be fine!

Roster Additions/Subtractions


The first week I used all 4 of my available roster additions, last week however I only used 2 of the 4. Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Rankings does a good job of alerting you when you have a player not playing up to par, and that player gets dropped by a lot of other teams. You will get a roster alert letting you know which players are in this category.

For right now I have one, Sammy Blais, who has been dropped by 1,988 teams across Yahoo. After a little further research I found out that he has been moved to the third line, which will probably lower his already low stats. He was only responsible for 1 shot on goal and 3 hits last week, so I will definitely need to look into getting a replacement for him.

Other than that my roster is looking good. I have 4 goalies now, although 2 of them are for the same team, and a solid group of forwards and defensemen. After switching out Blais I should be good for the week barring injury. With a quick look at the waiver wire, Jakob Silfverberg of the Anaheim Ducks has been doing very good recently, with goals in 3 straight games and 4 of 5. I think he would be a good addition especially with my goal scorers not coming through yet.

Moving up the Standings

Sitting in 7th spot after 2 weeks is nice, especially after starting of in the last position. I am 1 point behind 6th place, and 5 behind second place. You get 2 points for every category you win each week and 1 if you tie with your opponent. With my strategies in place for goaltenders and forwards, I should hopefully move up into a playoff spot after this week.

This week I am facing SeaHockey, who is in the 8th spot and 3 points behind me. They lost 4-6 last week against the Las Vega Gamblers, but the 4 that they won were all of the goalie statistics. That goes up against what I am trying to make a strength of my team, so this will be a good match up for me to see where I am at. As long as I can take care of business I will not be moving down this week.

Starting to get the Idea

After 2 weeks, I am beginning to get an idea of what I need on my team to be successful. Even with some of my players not playing up to their potential, I had a much more positive result this week than I did the first week. I will continue to monitor players all week and see if any changes can or should be made to make my roster better.

Yahoo makes it easy to make sure all of your players that have games are in, with an option to start active player just a click away on your team page. This is definitely a time saver! There are only a few days when I will have to make decisions on who to play since I do not have room for all of my player to play.

If you are interested in fantasy hockey, you can always draft your own team in daily fantasy hockey. Click here to go to my review on Fanduel and sign up there!

As always, if you have any questions please leave me a comment at the bottom, of just want to say hi! Thank you and have a good week!



  1. Hi

    Fantasy leagues in any sport is so much fun, as long as you don’t hold your breath for a long time. It is like a roller coaster ride, one week you are up and the next you are licking your wounds. It is still at the beginning of the season and you have a long way to the go, and you will have bad weeks, as well as good weeks. You can never predict everything right and you will make mistakes from which you will learn from. Injury is always a concern as this can cause problems, as well as poor form.

    What is your predicted standing for around Christmas?. 

    Wish you luck.


    • You are so right! I am hoping to be still in the playoff hunt come Christmas but you never know. At least I had one good week, we will see about this one!

  2. This whole thing about fantasy hockey is very new to me and I must confess I’m really interested in knowing about it because it captivated my attention. I really love your strategies, they are really professional and I’m happy they worked out well for you. Please I’ll really love to know about Fantasy hockey, I’ll follow the link you dropped towards the end of the article to draft my team. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello; congratulations on your winning. If you were not winning golds there would be no motivation for you to continue playing. Now that you are winning I am sure you are motivated to continue playing the game.

     Are you a new hockey player? I am hoping to come back to this site to read many more of your success stories. 



    • I was never much of a skater, I let the professionals play I just play fantasy hockey. I am hoping that I am at least successful in that though!

  4. Happenstance bought me here. Who wouldn’t want to know more about ‘Fantasy Sports Dad’ ? Now I’ve read your post in regard to the Fantasy Hockey league, I’m in. I mean, your enthusiasm just comes out of the page at me. Reading through, it is obvious that this is more than idle following, this is well thought through, strategic planning.

    Two of my sons have played their own version through online games. That would be football, or soccer as you might prefer. They would spend hours going through results and seeing who was worthy of inclusion in their eleven. 

    When you have a passion for a sport then this is a perfect match for immersing yourself in the intricacies of team selection. They soon learned that just picking the best players, week in, week out, wasn’t going to cut it. I am interested to see how you fair as the season progresses. I reckon you’re in with a shout.

    • Ah yes, I was just having a discussion with some friends about the English Premier League. I am not anywhere near as versed on soccer as I am other sports, but that is something I plan on remedying in the future. Thank you for checking out the page! Let me know how your sons online soccer games go!

  5. Been real busy lately with school, business and some occasion preparations and exams just about the corner o haven’t had any time at all to refresh or play any fantasy games. I like fantasy soccer and haven’t really tried anything other than that. Might consider fantasy hockey I used to be a captain for my hockey team back in high school.

    Ever since I go started I’ve been glued to it and I’m fascinated about winning my games so I’ve had to separate myself just to make sure I won’t get distracted and get bad marks for my modules. Have fun will catch up when I get done with this school stuff.

    • Definitely need to focus on school first, but when you do have time let’s chat about fantasy hockey, you probably know much more about the sport than I do as a spectator. If you do not have much time daily fantasy sports might be better for you, you can play when you have time but are not committed the entire season. Check out my review on Fanduel and see what you think. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  6. You have a nice looking, easy to read website. Fantasy Hockey is not something I have ever heard of but I am familiar with fantasy football. Both of my sons play fantasy football each year. They seem to lose more than they win but I know they do win once in a great while. They say it’s not even really about the money as much as it is the camaraderie with their friends. I think you give plenty of information on the subject as well as the players, but I do not know one from another. Great Read!

    • I agree, I do like to win money as opposed to lose it obviously, but I play because I enjoy the game. This is my first go round on fantasy hockey but I really enjoy it so far. Let your sons know about this page, I have fantasy football information too they may find interesting! 

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