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This is now our fourth installment of the top 12 NFL bobbleheads, and we will be discussing wide receivers this time. If you would like to read about quarterbacks, running backs, or linebackers you can head over there and check them out! If you have any comments or somebody you think deserved to be on the list please leave those in the comment section at the bottom!

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Jerry Rice – San Francisco 49ers 

I mean, you have to start with the undisputed G.O.A.T. With 22,895 receiving yards and 197 touchdowns, Jerry Rice is hands down the most accomplished receiver to ever step on the football field.

To put that into reference, Larry Fitzgeraldjust, who is on this list as well, went over 17,000 today. That is the next highest total in NFL history! He would need to play at least 4 more years and average almost 1,500 yards a season!

Randy Moss – Minnesota Vikings 

I am sure a lot of you remember Randy Moss breaking records playing with Tom Brady in New England, but he spent the majority of his career with the Vikings, where he was drafted in 1998. His very first year with the Vikings he caught 65 passes for 1,313 yards and 17 touchdowns, which shattered the rookie records!

Terrell Owens – San Francisco 49ers

Owens definitely made headlines wherever he went, but he also put up stats like few others ever have. Even though he wore out welcomes in just about every team he went to, including the 49ers, Cowboys, and Eagles, his abilities are hard to deny.

Marvin Harrison – Indianapolis Colts

Over a 13 year career with the Colts, Harrison was the epitome of consistency, with 8 consecutive years over 1,000 yards receiving and 4 straight over 100 receptions, before the league was transformed into the passing extravaganza it is today. With the help of Peyton Manning, he helped the Colts become perennial title contenders for a lot of years at the turn of the century.

Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals 

While we spoke of Larry Fitzgerald earlier, and he is now in second place in all-time receiving yards, but that doesn’t really tell the entire story of Fitzgerald’s greatness. While the above receivers played a bulk of their careers with hall of fame quarterbacks, Larry Fitzgerald has put up these numbers playing with the likes of Drew Stanton and Derek Anderson. And while he did get a few years with his own hall of fame quarterback, it was towards the end of Kurt Warner’s career.

Tim Brown – Oakland Raiders

With 9 consecutive seasons over 1,000 yards receiving from 1993 til 2001, Tim Brown was always reliable to come down with the ball if it was thrown anywhere near him. Playing in a time when there were not as many passes thrown compared to today, Brown belongs on any list of great wide receivers.

Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions 

Another great player that got lost in Detroit, the man known as Megatron to those that watched him play could only hope that he did not have a monster game against their favorite team. Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s single-season record with 1,964 yards, while also set records for most consecutive games with 100+ yards with 8 and most games with over 10 catches with 4.

 Steve Largent – Seattle Seahawks 

Before Jerry Rice came along and took over the record book, Steve Largent held just about every major receiving category in NFL history. When he retired in 1989, he held the records for most total receiving yards with 13,089, most receptions at 819, and most receiving touchdowns at 100.

Michael Irvin – Dallas Cowboys

Irvin was another receiver who had some issues off of the field, but the man called The Playmaker did just that. Part of the triplets that led the Dallas Cowboys to 3 Super Bowl victories in 4 years along with Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, Irvin always commanded the respect of the defense when he stepped on the field.

Lynn Swann – Pittsburgh Steelers

Before wide receivers started putting up gaudy numbers, Lynn Swann helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win 4 super bowls in the 70’s with acrobatic catch after leaping grab.

Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons

Still in the middle of his career, Jones will surely continue to climb the all-time ranks over the next few years. With a unique combination of size and speed, Julio Jones became the fastest receiver to get to 10,000 yards last year and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans 

Another receiver who will soon be moving up that all-time list is DeAndre Hopkins. Drafted in the first round of 2013, Hopkins is already at 8,602 yards receiving and a bright future with Deshaun Watson as his quarterback.

Well there you go, lots of receivers that could have made it but this is my top 12 wide receiver bobbleheads. Do you think there is somebody that was more deserving? Who would you have left off? Let me know in the comments below!






  1. You have actually listed out the very best receivers of all time here and I must say that I’m most impressed with the co stituents of the list. Though I grew up watching some of them on this list, if I were to get a bobblehead from this list, I am going for the GOAT here and that is Rice. Simply phenomenon and great to see here. Thanks

    • There are few positions in the NFL that just about everybody agrees as the GOAT, but Jerry Rice is one of those guys. Although him and the 49ers probably cost my favorite team the Chicago Bears a title or two in the 80’s, you still have to admire the greatness exhibited!

  2. I have always loved football and also loved bobbleheads just was wondering one thing.   Why don’t you have any Green Bay Packers bobblehead wide receivers?  I live in Wisconsin and am a big Packer fan.  I do love all of the others as they are all great players.  Will you be adding more ideas in the future?  I would love to see some from each team but I don’t know do they have them for every team in the NFL?  Thank you for all the great info I will be checking back in the future to see what is new.


    • Hi Douglas,

      Sorry, I overlooked the Packers wide receivers, I am sure there are 2 or 3 that could make the list. I will have to add to the receivers at some point for sure! They have bobbleheads for every team, but maybe not every position for every team, especially some of the newer teams like the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars without a long history of teams. I will keep on the lookout as always though!

  3. I like your pick of the top 12 NFL Bobbleheads. I would also add Patrick Mahomes, a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, to that choice. He has thrown for 9,412 yards and 76 touchdowns in the last three years. He is also the first player to throw for over 3,000 yards in his first ten games. He will probably be great this year as well.

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