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Previously I did a post on the top 12 quarterback bobbleheads to add to your bobblehead collection, which you can read here if you like. Here we will talk about the guys who get those tough yards between the tackles, the running backs.

Saquon Barkley New York Giants Bobblehead

Barkley has taken the league by storm since being drafted by the Giants in 2018, setting many rookie records including most receptions by a running back with 91. Although he has battled injuries this year, the future is bright for this young star.

Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys Bobblehead 

Although there has been a few off the field issues with “Zeke”, there is no denying his abilities on the football field, leading the field in rushing in 2 of his first 3 years in the league.

Walter Payton Chicago Bears Bobblehead

What running back collection would be complete without “Sweetness”? Payton was drafted by the Chicago Bears out of small Jackson State University, where he proceeded to have arguable the greatest NFL rushing career. He retired as the NFL’s all time rushing leader (only surpassed by Emmitt Smith to this point) and helped Chicago win it’s only Super Bowl title in 1985. This bobblehead commemorates this Hall of Fame career.

Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys Bobblehead

You cannot talk about the NFL rushing leaders without bringing up Emmitt Smith. The man who passed Payton did so with such grace and humility that is impossible not to like him. Emmitt was also part of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty in the 90’s winning 3 super bowls in a 4 year period.

Barry Sanders Detroit Lions Bobblehead

Barry Sanders was one of the most electric running backs to ever play the game. As a Chicago Bears fan, I saw many runs that I was sure he was tackled, only for him to somehow break free and run downfield. He retired earlier than most, and possibly could have overtaken Emmitt Smith had he played for a few more years.

Jim Brown Cleveland Browns Bobblehead

Jim Brown played before the NFL was as big as it is now, but if you ever have a chance to watch some of his highlights you should. He was a bruising runner that inflicted punishment on those that tried to tackle him. There is a reason your grandpa insists that this is the greatest running back of all time.

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings Bobblehead

Another electric running back, Peterson took the league by storm after being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings with the 7th overall pick in 2007. Although there have been many ups and downs throughout his career, nobody can deny the talent Peterson possessed.

Bo Jackson Oakland Raiders Bobblehead 

“Bo Knows” was a big marketing campaign that ran in 1989-1990, toying with the fact that Bo was the first athlete in the modern era that played both football and baseball in the same year. Although his career was tragically cut short due to injuries, there is not denying that he was one of the best athletes to ever step on a football field.

LaDanian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers Bobblehead

Tomlinson was drafted by the then San Diego Chargers 5th overall in the 2001 draft, and in considered by many one of the best running back to ever play the game. Rushing leader in 2 years as well as NFL MVP in 2006, in addition to being 5th in all time rushing yards when he retired, it would be tough to argue this.

Marcus Allen Oakland Raiders Bobblehead

Another Oakland Raider running back who had a phenomenal career that was sometimes overshadowed by other running backs in the 80’s. After being selected number 10 overall by the Raiders in the 1982 NFL draft, he was nothing but spectacular with 123 rushing touchdowns and 12,243 yards on the ground, combined with another 5,411 receiving yards and another 21 receiving touchdowns. This is why he was named NFL MVP in 1985.

Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints Bobblehead

One of the younger running backs with lots of playing time ahead of him, Kamara has been instrumental in the New Orleans Saints being a Super Bowl contender year in and year out. Selected by the Saints 3rd overall in the 2017 draft, Kamara is always a threat to take it to the house.

Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers Bobblehead 

McCaffrey exploded on to the scene after being drafted by the Carolina Panthers with the 8th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Son of former NFL wide receiver Ed McCaffrey, Christian has been one of the few bright spots on a Carolina team who has struggled in recent year. Always a threat to take any play the distance, Christian is a threat in both the rushing and receiving game.

There you have it, my top 12 NFL running back bobbleheads. There are many more that could have been added, is one of your favorites missing? If so please leave a comment below! Have a great week!

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  1. Hello there this is a very interesting articles you have here I know itwill be of great importance to the public as it has been to me.i really love these collectables they are very nice especially the Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys Special Edition Color Rush Bobblehead NFL I really liked that one because he is favourite player of all time

  2. hello. thanks for posting a review like this. bubbleheads collectibles are awesome. No matter the sport, you can always count on them as being a big part of any team’s promotional calendar year after year. they were launched many years ago. There are companies that do nothing but produce them and there’s even a Hall of Fame. are there good price list for them?

    • The prices definitely vary from player to player, and even the different types of bobbleheads for each player, but amazon normally has good comparable prices on these kinds of things. Hope you find what you are looking for!

  3. I love football, but if you asked me what position a particular player plays I would not be able to tell you. I see you have Walter Payton on your list, my husband would thank you for that. You really make me want to add a few bobble heads to my NFL collection. If I did, I would start with Hines Ward. He attended my high school. We even have a street in our town named after him. Which team is your favorite team? 

    • I am a big Chicago Bears fan, so Walter Payton is one of my favorites as well. I enjoyed watching Hines Ward play as well, I remember that Super Bowl they played against Arizona, he made a great catch to help win that game. 

  4. Quarterback bobbleheads are a fun thing to have in one’s sports collection. My dad and I like to get geared up for game day and cook up some great food. At the beginning of the football season this year, I bought him a new hat to support the team. A bobblehead will be a great gift for next year. We live in Michigan so of course, I am most interested in any Lions garb so the Barry Sanders Detroit Lions Bobblehead is a perfect choice!

    • Barry Sanders is definitely one of the greatest to ever play the game! This would be a perfect addition to your Detroit collection.

  5. Dear Fantasy Sports Dad

    I do know what a bobble head is 😊they are quite cute IMO. 

    I wonder if you could tell me where to get bobble heads in UK? Are they suitable for children or are they more adult collectibles? 

    You clearly have a lot of fun with the subject and connect with a lot of like minded people. If I was a sports fan your site would be ideal, krs PurpleLioness 

    • They have bobbleheads for actors, politicians and many other things as well. You can find them through Amazon as well, they are fine for kids but not really something to play with, as they will break somewhat easily. 

  6. Hiya Travis,

    I came back because you were kind enough to reply to my previous comment and now I know your name! 

    How interesting that you can get bobble heads of actors and famous people, I’ll need to investigate further.  I also found out what NFL is☺️so I’m quite pleased with myself😂although considering how famous it is I am slightly embarrassed that I didn’t know before! 

    I’m amazed at how many different types you’ve listed, my fave was Detroit Lions because of their logo and I’m now wondering how each team (are they called teams? I am so bad at this!) got its name, Imma check, krs PurpleLioness 

    • That’s awesome thank you so much! If you are not from the United States it is not as popular, although they are trying to start a team in London, so maybe it will become more known across the world. There are 32 teams (yes that is what they are called!) in the NFL, from all over the U.S.

      My brother in law has a collection on U.S. president bobbleheads that’s pretty cool, if you go to amazon you can search just about any sector of the entertainment industry and find them. Glad to help out, hope you find what you are looking for!


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