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What is Pro Football Focus?

Pro Football Focus (PFF) is a website that focuses on analyzing statistics from the NFL and division 1 college football. Instead of just basic numbers, Pro Football Focus will look at how those numbers were obtained and in what situations they were achieved. It is like the difference between the new QBR that ESPN came out with in 2011 and the traditional quarterback ranking system that we all grew up with. Yards and touchdowns achieved when your team is down 30 points in the fourth quarter and little chance to win are not going to count as much as the yards achieved when your team is down by 4 points and they are driving for the winning touchdown.

pff edge

What can Pro Football Focus do for you?

If you have visited my page before, you probably are a big fantasy sports person. By using PFF you can get the upper hand on your opponents in your season long league, or this can be especially handy in your daily fantasy football game, by seeing which under the radar players could be on the verge of making a breakout or having a good game against a certain opponent. Every tool can be an advantage when your game is close!

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So how much is this going to cost me? 

Obviously, this is not free, with the amount of analytics involved. Unless you are able to sit around and watch every NFL game in detail though, you may like having somebody else do the heavy lifting while you reap the benefits. There are two different levels to choose from, the PFF Edge or the PFF Elite.

Pro Football Focus Edge

This is your base membership and will give you access to the NFL players’ grades, as well as all article content for the NFL, fantasy, daily fantasy, and the NFL draft. You also get all fantasy rankings and projections, fantasy draft tools, and match up charts, plus a fantasy database week by week all the way back from 2010. With the annual subscription, you will also get a 2020 preseason NFL draft guide, 2019 QB Annual, and the 2019 fantasy playbook.

For the Edge membership you have 2 options, go monthly at $9.99/ month or get yearly access for $39.99. Either option comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Pro Football Focus Elite

If you need a little more information, you will like the Elite membership. In addition to everything you get in the Edge, you will also get even MORE stats, along with the PFF Greenline, a daily fantasy optimizer, and red zone reports.

The PFF Greenline is helpful for gambling on NFL and college games, giving you in-depth research on games against the line or on the money line.

This membership costs $34.99/month, or $199 for the year, which comes out to a little over 16 dollars a month!

Sign up for PFF ELITE and prepare to win.

Which is the best for me?

It depends on what your level of fantasy football involvement is. If you are mainly a season-long fantasy football player, the edge membership is probably plenty of information for you. And at only $9.99/month it won’t hurt your wallet much. If you are a heavy player in daily fantasy football, however, you may want to look into the Elite option. Since you will essentially be drafting multiple times each week, it is good to have as much information as possible. Add in the daily fantasy optimizer and you will be in the driver’s seat in all of your weekly matchups.

Pick the plan that is best for you. Remember, you have a 10-day money-back guarantee. If you are interested in the Elite subscription, check out this link for 30% of the annual rate.

Get 30% off PFF EDGE and ELITE Annual Subscriptions with promo code DRAFT2020.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave those below! Or if you have used Pro Football Focus let me know what your experience was like!



  1. Hello, I really do not understand this PFF so well because it seems quite odd. What they do here is that they help to analyse players that are on the verge of breakout and those that are going to perform well with their opponents. I suppose this is supposed to be my job and besides I also have to pay them to do this? Does it really work and what’s the accuracy possibilities

    • If you only have one league and rarely play daily fantasy, it probably is a waste of time and money to use pro football focus. It is much more valuable to those who have multiple season long leagues of play daily fantasy football often, as it can help you win much more money than you would without it.

  2. That sounds pretty cool I havent heard of it before. It is a fun thing to get into if you like to get into the game a little more. You can study the stats of players and past games to determine what kinds of bets to make. 

    i think college level 1 would also be a cool one to get into.

    it makes te games alot funnier to watch and itlso also fun to share the good news of your wins with your friends. Thanks for this great suggestion. 

    • I totally agree, I love what pro football focus does for fantasy football. Fantasy football is a lot of fun, I enjoy watching games I would never even think about because of my fantasy football leagues

  3. I am happy to read the information you have written. My husband likes to make sports bets. I just had a harder discussion and I will ask him to read the article. He will enjoy and the tension between us will disappear. I do not understand very well, but I strive for the sake of my husband. Thanks.

    • I hope that this will help the two of you, it can be helpful when looking at fantasy sports but I don’t know how much it will help for sports betting

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