Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League – Week 9


The toughest part of a fantasy sport such as hockey where you have to make multiple changes each week is staying on course when life gets a little busy, which it tends to do from time to time. Especially during the holiday season. The last few weeks have been up and down, but I am still in the playoff race in my Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League. Here is a recap of the last few weeks!

Week 6 – Lost 3-4-3 to Amit’s Team

Following a beat down in week 5 where I lost 2-7, I followed that up with a less than stellar performance in week 6. The two ties came from my group of goalies, with each team having 1 win and 0 shutouts. I lost the other two categories however, albeit barely. He beat me on goals against average by a margin of 4.25 to 4.31, and his save percentage was .863 while mine was .852. Not exactly good number for either of us but still stings to have lost by that little.

We also tied on power play points, with 6 apiece. I had 10 goals to his 7, and had lots of opportunities with 86 shots on goals against only 45 for Amit’s teams. I also had 37 hits to beat his 22, but lost on the remaining 2 categories with only 10 assists versus 14 on his team, and a plus/minus of 1 compared to 13 on the other side.

Week 7 – Beat Jen’s Team 5-4-1

Finally got of the losing streak in eek 7 against Jen’s team, squeaking out a 5-4 advantage after the dust settled. Of course, we had that one tie from the shutout, but I was able to get the other three goalie categories with much better numbers from my goaltenders. I finished with 3 wins, with Jen’s team not getting any, and had a nice goals against average of 2.72 while theirs was at 3.77. My goalies finished with a save percentage over 90% as well, finishing at .910 against a .883 on the other side.

The offensive side of things was a different story, however, with my team only managing to get 2 out of the 6 statistical categories here. Those were hits, which I barely finished ahead at 42 over 40, and plus/minus of 9 against 4 on the other team.

Goals scored were close, my team scored 7 and theirs only had 8, but that is enough to give Jen’s team the win. Assists and power play points were not quite as close, losing the assists 11 to 16 and PPP 4 to 9. Shots on goal were not even close, with my team only managing 66 while Jen’s team blew it out of the water (or ice) with 133!

Week 8 – Beat X Check 5-4-1

Week 8 I continued winning by a small margin against X Check. Once again, had a tie in the shutout category, but this week I lost the remainder of the goal tending stats while winning a majority of the offensive categories!

My goalies actually had a decent week, posting a 2.99 goals against average and .916 save percentage, but was only able to pick up one week. Unfortunately, X Check’s goalies had an outstanding week, getting 2 wins while finishing with a goals against average of 1.98 and a save percentage of .926. Its happens like that sometimes.

Fortunately my offense came out this week, getting 11 goals against only 4 on the other side, and 19 assists (which was a season high for my team), while only 10 for X Check. The plus/minus was more on his team not doing well, with my team having a +1 while his finished with a dismal -16! I also Had 11 power play points against 6 on the opposing team, and 93 shots on goal to finish above his 86 shots. They did finish with 70 hits and my team was only able to get 44, but still a very good week for my offensive players.

Week 9 – Lost to Worst Team Ever 2-6-2

It makes it even worse with my opponents team name being the Worst Team Ever, but that is obviously a misnomer since currently Worst Team Ever sits solidly in the second spot in our league. My team had a decent week, especially my goaltenders, his just did better.

The two ties came from shutouts (shocking I know) and goalie wins, with both of us finishing with 3 a piece. I lost the other two goalie categories, with a goals against average of 2.79 but not enough compared to his 2.38, and a save percentage of .911 while his goalies finished with a .921.

I did manage to scratch out a point on hits, with 41 barely over his 40, and a plus/minus of +6 while his was a -2. The wins stopped there, unfortunately, with my team not getting any other points. I came the closest to getting another point on power play points, getting 5 which was not quite enough to catch the 7 that his team put up. 8 goals for my team fell short of 12 by his, as did the 9 assists against 18 for the “Worst Team Ever”. Even though 74 shots on goal is not a bad amount, it was not enough to pass the 99 shots by their team.


So after an up and down month, in which I was able to make sure that there were players in when playing but not much else, I am still sitting solidly in 6th position with an overall record of 41-39-10 and 92 total points. That makes the playoffs, but a couple bad week would easily drop me out.

Fortunately I am only 3 points behind 4th spot, so it will be possible to make a climb up the standings. I am also 9 points ahead of 7th spot, so there is a little cushion there. On the other hand, I am facing the number 3 team this week, so I may be facing a possible losing week for the 4th time in 6 weeks.

Still have plenty of time though, with the playoffs not starting until week 22, which is still 3 months away. It is time to scour the waiver wire to make some improvements, especially on the offensive side, since even when losing my goalies have been putting up good numbers.

Hopefully your holiday season is going well, I know we are all busy this time of the year! If you have any questions or just want to say hi please leave a comment below! Have a great day!


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