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Football season is in full swing, and if you are a Chicago Bears fan there have already been a lot of ups and downs! As a Chicago fan I guess that comes with the territory though. A quarter of the season is over, and if you haven’t gotten you Chicago Bears fan gear then what are you waiting for??? Here are some of the best Chicago Bears fan apparel Amazon has to offer.

NIKE Mens Stitched Player Name and Number Chicago Bears Khalil Mack Football Jersey

If you do not have a Bears jersey, this would be a good place to start. Khalil Mack has been nothing short of amazing since being traded to the Bears from the Oakland Raiders just before the season started last year. He leads a defense that was the league’s best a year ago on points allowed, and on their way again this year to be one of the best! This will be a nice beginning (or addition) to your Chicago Bears collection!

Chicago Bears Walter Payton #34 Jersey

Obviously, Sweetness deserves his place on this list, not only being a big part of myself becoming a Chicago Bear fan but also one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. A great addition to any wardrobe!

NFL 4 Stripe Deuce Crew Socks Mens-Chicago Bears-Size Large(10-13)

Every Chicago Bears fan should have a pair of these socks! Yes, I own a pair myself, even wore them at my wedding! (And yes, somehow still married) Not very expensive, obviously too cool, and extremely comfortable as well.

NFL Men’s Poly Dot Athletic Shorts

These are super comfortable and great for anything from playing basketball to running errands. Very light weight and will not slow you down at all.

Chicago Classic Football Arch American Football Team Sports Hoodie – X-Large – Navy

With colder weather just around the corner, except in the south, this extremely comfortable hoodie is perfect for you. Easy to slip on and off, this is sure to be stolen by your significant other!

Chicago Bears Crew Neck Sweater

Now what collection is complete without an ugly Christmas sweater? Make those ugly sweater parties more fun with you very own Chicago Bears ugly sweater! A must have for your closet!


NFL Chicago Bears Sports Fan Sunglasses

My favorite pair of sunglasses, which unfortunately got broken by one of the kids. Oh, the joys of fatherhood! Luckily my birthday is right around the corner, because unlike some sunglasses that you basically pay for what’s on them, these actually worked very nicely. They were light and slipped on easily, not scratching up your head trying to put them on! I highly endorse these glasses!

There are many more items that I own representing the Chicago Bears, and if you support another team (I mean nobody’s perfect right?) you can find similar items for your team as well. I appreciate you looking through this post, as I do receive compensation if you choose to buy these items or items similar using these links. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you shortly. Happy shopping!

Please note that this site is supported by affiliate marketing which means that a small portion will be paid to maintain this site from any purchases made through it. This in no way affects the price of the products on this page.



  1. Awesome product display and I love anything to do with Khalil Mack, one of the best in the game today. Have you reviewed some Cleveland Browns apparel yet or are you going to in the future? I’m always scouring the internet around the Holidays and just two weeks after my writing of this post, it’ll be the Holidays. That came fast! 

    • I have not looked into the Cleveland Browns yet but that would be a good team to do, they are an up and coming team! I am liking what they are doing up there. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if there is anything else you need!

  2. Thank you for these great ideas for Chicago Bears fans. I am a Chicago Bears fan so I would like some of these, probably the sunglasses since you said they are easy to take off or put on. These are also great gift ideas for my friends who are Chicago Bears fans. If you know someone who likes the Chicago bears then it will be easy to find them a gift, thanks to your list. Thanks!

    • Thank you for stopping by! Yes the sunglasses are very nice to have. Glad you like the list, please let me know if there is anything else you would like!

  3. This is really interesting and nice, I’m not a big fan of Chicago bears but trust me, I love seeing them in action. It’s true that Khalil has been sensational since his trade into Chicago bears and it’s a great idea to get his jersey before it rains out of stock. You’ve got nice items here and they are of pocket friendly prices, I love the Team sports hoodie and Id love to get one for myself and my wife. Thanks for the information, it’s useful.

    • Glad you like it! You can find most of these items in other teams as well, such as the team hoodie, so if you click on the options it will give you the available teams. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can get for you!

  4. I enjoyed looking at the apparel on your site.  The interesting thing about your approach is that you offered a bit of explanation or encouragement for each article of clothing.  I cringed at the Mack jersey as a Raiders fan.  I am just kidding.  I think fans need a place to go for apparel that is easy to navigate and helpful in terms of making choices.  The variety of what you offer is great as well.  I am seriously thinking about a Payton jersey.

    • I can understand where you are coming from with Khalil Mack, I would have hated for my team to trade him away. Looks like the Raiders got the last laugh though, since they beat the Bears a couple weeks ago! Thank you for checking out my page! Let me know if there’s anything else you are looking for.

  5. Hello, youre very right, the NFL season is already here and it is definitely the best time to get a very good product to buy. I see you have some really fantastic apparels. I am not much of a Chicago bears fan but my brother is and i always admire when he puts on the beautiful sweater from the team. They always look good. I think i will buy the sunglasses. Gladly, its all amazon.

    • These would be great gifts for your brother! If you are a fan of another team you can always click on the product and see if it is available for other teams as well! You will love the sunglasses!

  6. Khalil Mack is surely one of the best player in the NFL today. Though I was shocked when he was traded to the chicago bears but then, it is still okay for him as he has turned their defense back to the best in the season. You have displayed some great products of the Chicago bears and surely I must say that they should be worth purchasing. At least, i should buy one so I can use it as a reference for the name of the great Khalil Mack.

    • Yes I was ecstatic when I heard that the Bears had traded for him! I didn’t believe it at first! I am glad you like these products, let me know if there is anything else you were looking for!

  7. Being a big fan of the Chicago bears myself, I cannot be overriden more with happiness when I heard about the news o Khalil mack joining us earlier n the season. Such a physical and awesome player to have graced the game. The merchandise that you have displayed are great and I have the two jerseys and the shorts already. But I will still get more from this list. Thanks

    • Glad to see another Bears fan! This season has been rough so far, but I have hope that they will turn it around before it is over. Thanks for commenting, hope you enjoy your jerseys!

  8. Being a big fan of the Chicago bears myself, I cannot be overriden more with happiness when I heard about the news o Khalil mack joining us earlier in the season. Such a physical and awesome player to be with with us. The products here are great and I thank you for sharing these ones on the list. Thanks

    • It is but most Bears fan are pretty loyal and will still be fans. Trubiski is supposed to come back this week, and hopefully the can start to get better just like they did last year!

  9. Thanks for summarizing the shopping list of my dreams, I will be forwarding this list to all my relatives in order to avoid getting wrong gifts this xmas.

    I love specially the sunglasses, the socks and the hoodies! Keep it up Chicago Bears! Keep it up sports dad! 

    Enjoy your new sunglasses after your birthday, and your kids! 

    • Thank you sir! Of course after I got the sunglasses it has been cloudy more days than not, but I will be ready when the sun comes out!

  10. I was super excited to see your page and all the awesome Bears fan apparel for sale.  With Christmas coming, and my son being a huge Bears fan, you’ve made it easy to shop for him.  He loves when I say “Da Bears” in that voice.  He’s like, “mom, you’re a hoot.”  That’s what he says to me.  At least I don’t embarrass him, lol.  I’m so happy you put all this stuff together.  You made it super convenient for me, and I just wanted to pop in and thank you.

  11. Hi Travis! You have been doing some really nice job on this blog regarding sports. I am not a regular fan of football but I love football anyways. So it is nice seeing you recommend some of your favourite Chicago Bears fan apparel. I am not a Chicago Bears fan anyways. I love your recommendation anyways. Thanks

    • It is not easy being a Chicago sports fan sometimes! I will be doing more posts from other teams in the future, be sure to check back!

  12. These are some great looking apparel items for Chicago fans. The Bears are my second favorite team and have been ever since the days of Walter Payton who I met back in 1979. I am almost ashamed to admit it right now but the NY Giants are my team and they too, like other teams, have nice team apparel.

    Though I have my new jersey for the 2019 season of Saquon Barkley on the Giants, I do need one from the Bears and that Khalil Mack Chicago Bears 100th Season Limited jersey would be perfect. The majority of my jerseys have been from offensive players. I haven’t had a defensive player jersey since Lawrence Taylor. The Mack 25 jersey would be perfect.

    It is definitely difficult to show my allegiance to both teams when they play each other, as they will on Sunday November 24th, 2019. Currently the Bears at 4-5 and the Giants at 2-8 and with the Giants in a bye week this weekend I will be pulling for them when they play the Bears in Chicago on the 24th. But regardless I will get that Khalil Mack jersey.

    • Two great teams with lots of history that unfortunately are not doing very good in recent history. Walter Payton is my all time favorite, but Lawrence Taylor was a great player! In fact I see a little of him when I watch khalil mack play. Hope you enjoy the jersey! 

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