Tervis Tumblers Store – Star Wars The Mandalorian


Tervis has just released its new Mandalorian collection of tumblers! If you have seen The Mandalorian on Disney + then these are a must-have!

Multiple different options and sizes available, with prices ranging from $21.99 to $39.99. Perfect for any Star Wars fan in your life, and be sure to get on for yourself!

Exclusive 'The Child,

Tervis Mandalorian – The Child 20oz Tumbler
– $34,99
Tervis Mandalorian - The Child 20oz Tumbler

Tervis Mandalorian – The Child Stare 30oz Tumbler
– $39.99
Tervis Mandalorian - The Child Stare 30oz Tumbler

Tervis Mandalorian – The Child Protect Attack Snack 24oz Tumbler
– $21.99
Tervis Mandalorian - The Child Protect Attack Snack 24oz Tumbler


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  1. Those are some pretty sweet looking tumblers, Travis!

    I myself have been a longtime Star Wars fan and though I haven’t seen much of The Mandalorian yet, I’m already in love with some of the merch that’s been put out. Especially anything with Baby Yoda on it 🙂

    Have you come across any Shaker Bottles for the Mandalorian line of products? I always have one on me when I’m at the gym, and it would be nice to add a new one to the collection.

    • I will look into finding a mandalorian shaker bottles, I’m sure there is something out there. You should definitely watch it when you get a chance, it’s a very good show! Have a great day! 

  2. Hey Nice site! I just started watching the Mandalorian on Disney + and it is phenomenal! She is in love with the baby yoda and she says that she wants one. I might consider buying a tumbler instead! This site has a lot of nice content and I will refer it to anybody who loves the niche!

  3. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Movies are my hobbies and star wars is one of my all time favorites. Been able to get mandalorian for the star wars movie would really make my day. So I am getting it for a friend as a Christmas present. I am sure he would live it very much. Thank you for your post

    • Glad you like it, I am happy that Disney + has come out and given us extra shows like this that we normally would have had to go to the movies before to see. Hope you enjoy your tumbler! 

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    The Mandalorian with her stainless steel is awesome and the price is very reasonable compared with her competitors in the market.
    Good product and lovely pricing

  5. These are beyond awesome. Thank you for sharing them.

    I mean, the Mandalorian is arguably my most favorite character of all the Star Wars. Though they do display them like this wise guy, I don’t think people fully realize how universally applicable (beyond just the movie) his advice is.

    In my mind, the best one – “Do or do not. There is no try.” Meaning, never ever, ever do anything with only half or anything below at least 100% of your effort. Either do it as best as you possibly can or don’t do it at all. There is no try. 🙂

    And a cup like that at least for me would always remind of those lessons. That’s why I see it as so powerful.

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


    • I agree, I have just started watching the mandalorian and am liking it very much. I’ve always been a big fan of do or do not. So much truth in that! Thanks again, have a great day! 

  6. Bummer I missed the discount. Is that one to come back any time soon?

    I would be happy to get one to gift away on Christmas to my 8-year-old half brother. He’s so into Star Wars. Legos, wallpapers, comics, games, movies, puzzles, you name it. That kid’s obsessed with this stuff. And a gift like that for him would be every penny worth.

    Either way, I appreciate you sharing this!

    Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!

    • They have discounts all the time, I will update the page when I get information on the next one! My kids are the same age group and they are big fans of “baby yoda” as well. Thank you and merry Christmas to you as well! 

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