Top 12 NFL Bobble Heads – Quarterbacks


If you are a big sports fan like myself, I am sure that you have your share of NFL bobble heads already. The best thing about bobble heads though is that you can never have too many! Here are a few NFL bobble heads you may want to add to your collection!

Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings NFL Legends Series Bobblehead NFL

Although he never actually won a super bowl, he did make it 3 times and was one of the best quarterbacks in the 60’s and 70’s playing for primarily the Minnesota Vikings with a stint with the New York Giants in between his time there.

Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles Headline Special Edition Bobblehead NFL

Carson Wentz has been a big name quarterback in the NFL ever since he came out of North Dakota State. He was selected second overall in the 2016 NFL draft, and although injuries have derailed his last two seasons, he is still one of the better young quarterbacks in the league.

Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Special Edition Color Rush Bobblehead NFL

Big Ben has been the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers ever since drafted by them in the first round of the 2004 NFL draft. Winning two super bowls with the team and reaching a third, he is a sure future hall of famer and the perfect addition for your Pittsburgh Steeler collection!

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) Stadium Lights Bobblehead

Patrick Mahomes has came into the NFL on fire! After leaving Texas Tech to come to the NFL and being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs with the 10th overall pick, he sat behind Alex Smith for his rookie season, seeing very little playing time. After the Chiefs traded Smith away before his second season, all Mahomes did was become only the second quarterback to ever throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in a season. The other one? Peyton Manning in 2013. Regardless of who your team is, Mahomes would be a nice addition to your collection.

Dax Prescott Dallas Cowboys Limited Edition Nation Bobblehead NFL

Dak has definitely had his ups and downs, and playing for America’s Team will exacerbate any and all mistakes. That being said, he look like he will be the leader of the Dallas Cowboys offense for awhile, and if he continues to grow he may just be able to get them over the Super Bowl hump.

Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys) 3X Championship Rings Base NFL Bobblehead Exclusive

While Dak Prescott is still trying to attain that first NFL title, Troy Aikman already has his 3 rings and gets to relax in the announcers booth these days. This is an awesome bobble head celebrating the 3 super bowl titles that Aikman led the Cowboys to in the 90s.

Joe Montana SAN Francisco 49ERS Knucklehead Bobble

Joe “Cool” Montana is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and before the recent run by Tom Brady he was considered by many to be THE best. Leading the San Francisco 49ers to 4 super bowl victories in the 80s, Montana became the first player to be named the super bowl MVP 3 times.

Tom Brady New England Patriots 6th Super Bowl Win Bobblehead NFL

Speaking of Tom Brady, what collection would be complete without the G.O.A.T.? This bobble head is in celebration of his 6th super bowl title, which is the most of any player all time and cemented his status as the best.

Forever Collectibles Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Baller Special Edition Bobblehead NFL

As a Chicago Bears fan it hurts to see Aaron Rodgers continue to carve up NFL defenses year after year, including Da Bears. But after taking over for Brett Favre, Rodgers has been nothing but spectacular, winning one super bowl with the Packers and winning two league MVPs for the 2011 and 2014 seasons.

Forever Collectibles Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Special Edition Color Rush Bobblehead NFL

Russel Wilson was supposed to have been drafted to back up Matt Flynn when he was selected in the third round (75th overall) of the 2012 draft, but before training camp was over he was the started and the rest is history. Winning one super bowl and a very controversial play call from winning a second, Russell Wilson has the Seahawks consistently in the race for another championship.

Drew Brees New Orleans Saints Passing Yards Leader Limited Edition Bobblehead

What list would be complete without the NFL’s all-time passing leader? This limited edition bobble head celebrates Drew Brees passing of Peyton Manning for the most passing yards in NFL history. A must have for any bobble head collection!

NFL Denver Broncos Peyton Manning #18 Super Bowl 50 Champions Bobble Head

Speaking of Manning, this bobble head commemorates the second super bowl title that Manning won, this one with the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50. Going out on top, Manning finished his career as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history and a sure first ballot hall of famer.

Here is my list of the top 12 NFL quarterback Bobble heads, there are so many more that would be a nice addition to your collection. I tried to select players from all different generations, but there were definitely some left off the list. Who do you think should have made the list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am a big fan of NFL too and I now can see which one I need. It is strange that I could not find Carson Wentz, I am glad it is available on Amazon, I will definitely order it, my kid would be happy too to see new head added to the collection.

    • I’m glad your son likes Carson Wentz, I am currently watching him and the eagles trying to win on Monday night football. I’m sure he will love it! 

  2. Wow what a great gift idea for the huge football fan or to get your kids as Christmas gifts.  I didn’t know that they had so many of these quarterback bobble heads.  Do they make a Brett Favre as he would be one of the greats that aren’t in your list even though you have a great list.  Are you going to keep adding to this list and have a list of other bobble heads also?  Didn’t know also if you were going to try to add some MLB as they have a lot to offer also.  Great job on the info on each one also learned about some of the older QB’s that I didn’t know.  Great luck to you in the future.

    • I do plan on doing a series of these using different positions, and with me being a bears fan MLB will definitely be one of the future posts. And yes there is a Brett Favre, but one green bay packer quarterback was enough I figured. 😁 Thank you for checking these out, hope you enjoy your gift! 

  3. Now you’re speaking my language. I love sports especially football. Sometimes my home is divided depending on whose playing. I, myself, am a Steelers fan. My husband is a Patriots and a Bears fan. We have enough collectibles in our home to call it a mini hall of fame. 

    My dad is the one who collect the bobble heads. Actually, he has different types of sports collectibles. Everything from hats to cups to autographed jerseys and everything in between. I was raised in a household where watching the games was a family tradition, and it brought us closer together. It still is a family tradition. Your list of players seems complete to me.

    • Half of my family are steelers fans, so I understand the passion. My wife is a cowboys fan so we have fun watching the games, except when my bears beat her cowboys last week. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post, check back for future installments of NFL bobble heads. 

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