Custom Fantasy Football Trophies


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So you are the commissioner of your fantasy football league, and you think getting a custom fantasy football trophy would be a fun tradition to begin, giving it out to the league champion on a yearly basis. There are many options available, here are a few that I like from Amazon.

This is on the upper end of fantasy football trophy ideas. You can choose among multiple colors for the columns, including red, black, blue or silver, and from 3 different sizes, 26″, 36″ or 56″ tall. You have the ability to get up to 19 years of free engraving done on the wood base, and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Although this is not eligible for Amazon prime, there is free shipping.

This one is a little more basic but still gives you the opportunity to customize with free engraving so that you can put your league’s name on the front panel and up to 18 years of winners information here. This does have a shipping charge of $19.95 however.


If you do not like the idea of giving up your trophy after your year of being champion is up, you can always get a replica Lombardi trophy just like the do in the NFL. You are able to add 3 lines of text to the bottom of the trophy, with up to 30 characters on each line, and comes in a size of 12.”, and is silver in color.. This is Amazon Prime eligible so you get your free shipping here!

If you are more of a jewelry person, get that big ring to show off around town! Comes with a stand so you can admire it at home as well!


Finally, if you want to have a little fun with the person who didn’t have the best fantasy football season, here is a nice little way to tell them how their season went! Free shipping and I’m sure to get some laughs from the rest of your league!

There are many different trophies to choose from, if there is one that you like or use for your league, please feel free to share in the comments below! Also leave any questions or comments!



  1. What a great idea to inspire children to become involved in sport and to give a team or young sports person a trophy will inspire them to do more with their lives in every way as this is so positive

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome review!  I love these trophies, and I must say, though I suck at fantasy football sometimes, I have won a few.  I really like the one that holds liquor, because I get together with my buds every week on Saturday to play poker and fortnite.  This will be a reminder to them that I won because we love our liquor!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! Perfect trophy to have for when your friends come over! Thanks for looking over the options available! 

  3. Hello; I am impressed by these different kinds of trophies that can be donated to my favorite football team, as also they can be shown to young children with an exciting story about some special footballer that will get them excited and cause them to start developing an interest in the sport at their young age. Will, any of these trophies be used in some other sports?


    • You can personalize just about every one of these trophies, so you can use them for basically anything you want. They have different varieties of trophies as well so please look around at all the options available at Amazon! 

  4. Wow, this looks cool. Lol. I have never thought of a real trophy in fantasy football league before and honestly, it’s awesome to learn about this because it will spice things up for me. It will help me go for gold and motivate me even more and when I win, I can also make a replica. Sounds cool. Thanks

  5. Perfect time to see this on a Sunday morning half-way through the football season. As it stands now the 49ers look like the team to beat, so it will be interesting to look back a few months from now to see who’s on top then. Fantasy football is so popular these days and these trophies are a great idea. From your selection I really like the Fantasy Bros look, and a Crown Awards is a must-have haha. Football day is now here so I must go keep an eye on my team as I’m in 1st place. I’ll bookmark your post and if I win I might just have to buy more than 1. Great post and keep up the good work!

    • Hope that your fantasy football day went well! I’m not doing quite as well but I’m in the playoff hunt, and as long as I can get in I still have a chance! Thank you for checking out these trophies! 

  6. I love these trophy ideas for fantasy football. Now we can use them to compete amongst ourselves as we are always placing bets with each other on who will win. Why not seal the deal with a trophy. 

    I like the idea of having 19 years free engraving included on the trophy. And having a choice of colours also makes it more personal. 

  7. Thank you for your post. It is so nice that we have so many alternatives for the trophies. I work in a school and association and there are a lot of activities. We need trophies to inspire more people to participate and to try their best.

    I like your idea of Crown Awards. It is cheap and saves money for the association with limited budget. It is also possible to add 3 lines of text to the bottom of the trophy. It is always nice to add some inspiration quotes in the trophies. The options with silver or gold are also helpful. I wish we could have a bronze option.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

  8. Hello

    Interesting article for football lovers.

    We are dealing with football and I know that getting a trophy is difficult because you need work and a lot of patience.

    I’m coaching a local team in the area I live in, coaching young kids and asking me about the championship we will be presenting at the end of the year and the trophy we will add to our club.

    Your article gave me an idea of ​​the trophy we will be giving at the end of the year and gives us the opportunity to customize the freehand so that we can name our league

    Thanks for your helpful article.

  9. I  read about those fantasy football jerseys that you posted and I made order for some, when they came, i love them. It’s good to know of custom fantasy football trophies, they will serve a very important role in juvenile football and will serve as gifts to cheer them up. I’ll see if I can get some for my kids, they are  both into sport and they are passionate about it.

  10. Okay, this has really put in some more spice to this. I think that I should be able to get in on this one with this. I like the fact that you could show here the point that we can actually make fantasy football a lot more fun with the trophies. I see that they are all from Amazon, does this mean that one will need to ask for customisation from amazon?

    • Each seller does their own customization, so you would contact them and let them know what you want on the trophies. It’s an excellent way to celebrate your fantasy football season! 

  11. These are some fine trophies, Travis. 

    I haven’t played any fantasy football in a while, but the guys I played alongside were quite dedicated to the hobby. I think they’d really appreciate having a nice trophy like the first one on the list which has room for a long list of winners.

    My last season ended with me breaking even, but I tell ya if there were a couple of rings to win at least, I’d be even more pumped 😉

    • I am actually having a down year this year, but there’s always next year right? Hope you get back into it, maybe talk your buddies into going in on the trophy for your league!

  12. Wow! That’s so beautiful. For anyone who wins in football. Surely they will be very proud when they can lift this trophy. In addition, a trophy like this is definitely displayed in the living room or a display place in the club.

    Imagine if you win a competition with a good trophy like this, it feels like …


    I am thinking of making one for myself! Can I?

    Ah! So lovely…

  13. Wow, this trophy looks very nice. I can’t remember playing fanatasy football to be honest. Last time it was 3 years ago. However I can not deny that winning this kind of trophy would have a special feel with it. It is not too cheap but if you want to give your friends a special tournament with a special prize, this is the solution.


  14. Wow! Fantasy Football is really fun and amazing already. Adding custom fantasy football trophies would be an awesome idea and I really love the idea of giving out the trophy to the league championship yearly. All of these trophies are cool especially the first one and it’s not expensive too. Thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas.

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