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The first “week” of my free yahoo fantasy hockey league actually lasts about a week and a half, which may be a good thing as I get my feet wet. So far I have not been doing great, at the moment losing 2-6, but it has given me a chance to see where I need to bolster my roster! I have already added a couple players and have waivers in for 3 more, so hopefully I can grow from this first weeks action.

Goalie Is definitely important!

So as you can see from my current match up, my only 2 points at the moment are coming from offense, with nice leads in plus/minus and hits. I am also tied in assists, so there is a chance to get another point there before the week is over. On the other hand, I am losing 3 of the 4 goalie categories! I still have a shot, if one of my goalies can come up with a shut out in the next few days that will give me one more point.

That being said, if I want to compete in this league I will need more production from my goalies. I added Mike Smith from the Edmonton Oilers already, and have another goalie to possibly add when the waivers go through next. Robin Lehner may end up taking over in Chicago, but as of now Corey Crawford is taking all the time between the pipes so I need to use that roster position more wisely.

Need more Goals!

Although I am currently tied for 5th with a total of 9 goals so far, I am going against the team with by far the most at 17. Most of those seem to be power play points, with my opponent also at 17 there as well, and I am only at 8. Looking over the rest of the league, I might do better against other teams but that does not help this week!

The problem may lie in the fact that my team has only accumulated 75 shots on goal, which is only more than 2 other teams in the league. Obviously will not normally have more goals without taking the shots!

Could use a little more depth at Defensemen

Only having 4 defensemen, I obviously am stuck using these 4 every day whether they have a game or not. Josh Morrisey, a defenseman for the Winnipeg Jets is now day to day with an upper body injury, so he has missed a couple of games already and may miss more.

So that is another area that I have focused on in my waiver selections. That will also give me the flexibility to move players in and out depending on whether they have a game or not that day.

There are some positives

All is not lost, however. First thing, it appears that I am going against one of the better teams in the league. The fact that I have a couple points with the possibility of adding a couple more is good. Also, it is only the first week in a very long season. There are 21 weeks before the playoffs, so there is plenty of time to right the ship.

I have 3 waivers in right now, so hopefully these will all three go through and help my team. I do have to keep an eye on my budget, which is already down to $87 for the year. But even after these waivers I will still have $67 if they all do go through.

I have also had some star players not play very well early in the season. Jamie Benn from the Dallas Stars has already seen time with the third line, as he has not earned a point in their first two games this season. His teammate, goalie Ben Bishop, has struggles as well, giving up multiple goals in each of his 3 starts this year, luckily earning a win in his last appearance Tuesday night against Washington.

I would expect those players and others to warm up as the season progresses. Star players normally rise to the top if given enough time.

What to look forward to

After this week the weeks will begin to move a little faster, with each week only 7 days until the final week of the regular season. My hope is to salvage this week by adding 2 more points and finishing down only 4-6. Fantasy hockey, unlike fantasy football, gives your final score as you record, not just a weekly win/loss. So if another team loses 7-2 or something similar then I will be ahead of them in the standings!

In addition to that, my teams overall numbers would look better against other teams. After bolstering my goalies I should be more competitive as the season goes on.

If you have any advice you could give me, or any questions or comments please leave them below! Thank you for reading!


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