What is DFS Army?


If you enjoy doing daily fantasy sports, DFSarmy.com is definitely something to look into. What is DFS Army? DFS Army is a subscription based website ran by a group fantasy sports experts to help you with your own fantasy teams, specifically daily fantasy sports. They each have their specialties, ranging from NFL to the PGA to the English Premier League.

What do you get with your subscription?

Your subscription will get you numerous strategies and tools to use for you fantasy sports teams. For daily fantasy there is a Domination Station Optimizer, which generates anywhere from 1 to 100 lineups in seconds. If you use Fanduel and Draftkings, it uploads these lineups directly to them, setting you up automatically!

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You also get the research station, with tons of research already done for you to help you decide on who to play on any given week. This come with the DFS Army projection as well as premium cheat sheets and numerous articles and podcasts to use. The great thing about DFS Army is that all of the information is available from every sport you can think of, all for the cost of the monthly subscription.

There is a VIP level that also gives you access to individual access to chat with the professionals at DFS Army, as well as coaching and slate breakdowns and late breaking news alerts. Have a question on who to start before the game? Send a chat request and get the information that you need! This option can be billed monthly or annually.

What Does it Cost?

There are numerous options to choose from here, starting with options for free months by joining certain daily fantasy sites and making a deposit of at least $20. You can join Fanduel, Draft, Super Draft, or Monkey Knife Fight, then using codes given to you on the DFS Army website and following the instructions they will give you a free month for each of the sites you sign up for and deposit the $20 into. Thais 4 total free months if you take advantage of all of the sites!

DFS Army Lite

There is a DFS Army Lite option available to try out. It is $35/month, and gives you the Domination Station Optimizer, research station, premium cheat sheets and the articles and podcasts. There is no commitment, so you can cancel at anytime. This level honestly is more than enough to help you win your daily fantasy games, in addition there is plenty of information to help you with your season long teams as well.


If you want a little more help, the DFS Army VIP package is perfect for you. In addition to everything above, you also get to chat with the pros at the website and ask your questions directly, and get alerts for late breaking news. You can choose to pay for this monthly, at $49.99, or pay annually, which is just about $500, or $41.67/month. While at first glance this may seem a little expensive, if you are able to make $100’s or $1000’s a month with the tools and information you get with your subscription then it is well worth the price.

Why choose DFS Army?

The concept of DFS Army is to turns average Joe’s into Pros. There are other sites you could use, but there is some credibility at DFS Army. They have a Wall of Wins that you can check out any time to see how other have used the information received with their subscription to win daily fantasy games. If you are curious click here to read some of these testimonials.

If you sparingly play daily fantasy sports, DFS Army probably is not for you. Yes, it would help you win, but probably not enough to justify spending $35 every month. That being said, if you play daily fantasy sport on a much more frequent basis, this may be something to look into. If you are still curious, you can always get a free month or more to try it out and see what you think.

Since daily fantasy sports is now a year round business, having tools like a DFS Army subscription can help you play with anybody and come out a winner. If you want to check it out, go to DFSArmy.com or click here to head over there. If you have any questions please leave them below, or if you have ever used DFS Army let me know what you thought about it! Have a great day!


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