Yahoo Sports Fantasy Hockey – Week 2


The first week in my Yahoo sports fantasy hockey league is in the books, and it was a mixed bag of results. On one hand, over the last couple of days for a brief moment I was actually ahead of my opponent, 5-4, but then I came back down and ended up losing the week 3-7. Unfortunately that puts me in last place of the 12 team league, but there is plenty of season left.

Focus on the Positives

I did well in assists, +/-, and hits, as I finished the week with more in all of those categories. I was also very close to getting 2 goalie points, with my goalies having a 2.65 goals against average, which was .02 lower than my opponents. Their save percentage was also close, only .07% lower.

I also played against what I believe will end up being one of the tougher teams in the league, so the fact that I was able to keep it close all the way until the final couple of days is promising. Also, I went fairly heavy on the Dallas Stars on my team, with 3 members, which included Ben Bishop the goaltender. The Stars have started the season off poorly, going 1-6-1 through their first 8 games. They have too good of a team to continue playing this badly.

Learn from mistakes made

I definitely did not pay enough attention to the goalie position during the draft, so I picked up another goalie off of waivers during the first week that should help to move forward. I added Carter Hutton from the Buffalo Sabres and dropped Robin Lehner from the Blackhawks, who although promising is not in the net enough right now to keep on my team. I also picked up Mike Smith, the goalie for the Edmonton Oilers. This will be interesting picking which 2 to play each night now that I have 3 starters each night, but the opportunity to get more wins and possible shut outs outweighs any scheduling issues.

Also used my other 2 waiver additions to bolster the rest of my lineup, or so I thought. Adding Tyler Johnson, the center for the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Alexander Nylander of the Buffalo Sabres, proved not to add a lot of depth for my team, and will probably be dropped next week when I have an opportunity.

Overall lots of fun!

Typically, the first couple months of the NHL season I would possible catch a game or two during the week when there was no football on, and keep and eye on the standings to see how my Chicago Blackhawks are doing, but not really be too invested. Having this team I am looking every night to see who is playing, and if they are on TV I will switch it over (Unless the Bears are playing – have to have priorities!)

I am also learning about a lot of players I otherwise would not know too much about. Obviously I am familiar with the Blackhawks lineup, and living in Dallas I have heard of most of the Dallas Stars, but there isn’t much screen time for teams like the Buffalo Sabres or the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Have to keep up with the lineup

There are games every day, so you definitely need to look it over to make sure you have players that have a game in, so that you can collect any goals or assists they may get in those games. Most days there are not enough players with their teams playing a game to fill your entire roster, so you do not have to worry about missing out on stats, but there are a couple days every week that seems like your entire team has a game, so you have to choose who to sit.

Overall this seems a little less complicated than football, since a lot of your decisions are made simply by putting in the players who have games. That being said, you have to pay attention a little more since there are games each and every day for the most part.

On to week 2

Rough week going against the Ruff Life team, but it is only one week. I have improved my team so let’s see if that helps! Next week’s opponent is Silver Bullets, who are in 9th spot with a 4-5-1 record from week 1. If I am able to get a win this week that will move me up the standings!

As always, please leave me any comments or advice you have below. I look forward to chatting with everybody! If you missed the beginning of the hockey season and want to join in on the fun, try out Fanduel! Use this link and you get $20 when you deposit $20.

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