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So the fantasy draft is over and the season just a few days away. I unfortunately drew the number 12 pick out of 12, so I was unable to get the top players, but overall I think I was able to put together a good team. The one bright spot, however, is that with the last pick I get to make two consecutive picks each time. The downside was I had to wait over 20 picks between picks. Without further ado, here are the results from the draft in my yahoo fantasy basketball league!

First Round

Pick 11 – Kyrie Irving – Brooklyn Nets

I am not going to lie, I was hoping that Kawhi Leonard for the Clippers would fall to me at this spot. Unfortunately, he was taken at the 11th pick, leaving me scrambling for a minute. But Kyrie is a solid player, and with Kevin Durant out at least most of the season if not all of it there will be plenty of stats to go around, and Kyrie will be the obvious best player on the team until that return. Listed under Yahoo as a point guard and shooting guard, He will definitely be in my starting lineup anytime he is playing.

Second Round

Pick 12 – Rudy Gobert – Utah Jazz

There may have been better overall players available here, but I felt that with my draft position I would not be drafting again for a while, I wanted to take the best center still on the board. Russel Westbrook did go with the next pick, and could end up having another spectacular season, however with James Harden now in the same back court I think that there will not be enough basketballs to go around.

Third Round

Pick 36 – Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics

After a long wait, it was finally my turn to draft again. I decided on Tatum, I like his game, and being able to play multiple positions on the floor gives him flexibility. Also, with another one of my players, Kyrie Irving, now on another team, there will be more opportunities for Tatum to put up some good numbers.

Fourth Round

Pick 37 – Blake Griffin – Detroit Pistons

Even though Blake may not be as athletic as he was when he was jumping over Kia’s in the dunk competition, he is still capable of putting up nice stats. Also, being listed as both a power forward and a center, I had to take him to bolster my centers. These first 4 picks will be instrumental in any success that I will have this fantasy season.

Fifth and Sixth Rounds

Pick 60 – Bam Adebayo – Miami Heat

Pick 61 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Oklahoma City Thunder

After building a nice base with my first 4 picks, t was time to add a few younger players with tremendous upside. Adebayo is another player that can be uses as a power forward or center, and has been looking very good in the preseason, as is Gilgeous-Alexander. It just so happens that both went to the University of Kentucky, which may not be able to finish in March Madness, but typically have good success when they get to the NBA. Both are highly capable of being at the top fantasy players at their positions by the end of the year.

Seventh and Eighth Rounds

Pick 84 – Caris LeVert – Brooklyn Nets

Pick 85 – Delon Wright – Dallas Mavericks

By this point most of the big names are off the board, and its time to start looking for players who are in good positions. LeVert is one of those players, playing with Kyrie, and helped by the absence of Durant as well. He is listed as both shooting guard and strong forward by Yahoo, which you know I love those options. He has had some good games in the preseason, and should benefit with the defense focused on Kyrie Irving. Delon Wright may be a bit more of a long shot, but I like what the Mavericks are putting together this year, with a young nucleus being put together around Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. Wright has not done much in the preseason, but I can see him growing and becoming a solid player before too long.

Ninth and Tenth Rounds

Pick 108 – Patrick Beverly – Los Angeles Clippers

Pick 109 – Enes Kanter – Boston Celtics

When you get this far in a fantasy draft, you are trying to find players that will outplay their rank. Since I couldn’t get Kawhi Leonard, I figured I would at least get somebody playing with him, and may get good numbers being with him and Paul George taking up the attention of opposing teams. The hope is that he will stay healthy enough to stay one the court enough to get those numbers! Enes Kanter may end up being the first player dropped on my team, with the center position said to be rotated in Boston, but he has the experience to be valuable and having quality centers is always a good thing in fantasy basketball.

The Rest of the Draft

Pick 132 – Landry Shamet – Los Angeles Clippers

Pick 133 – Jerami Grant – Denver Nuggets

Pick 156 – Nerlens Noel – Oklahoma City Thunder

The last few picks aren’t going to lose you any fantasy leagues, regardless of the sport, but the can win you one if you pick that one guy that turns into a superstar on the court. Shamet is one of those fliers for me, with the Clippers looking to be one of the better team in the league he may get a chance to shine sooner or later. Grant is another quality player on the bench of a really good team, and will get those number for you off the bench and if able to get more minutes because of injury the sky is the limit. Noel may not ever get you a lot of points, but his ability on the defensive end is well worth the use of my last pick, with great steal and block rates plus will get you plenty of rebounds.

Ready for the Season

With the draft done, it’s time to tip off! The NBA season starts October 22nd for a few teams, then the rest in the days that follow. If you have a comment or question please leave them below, I’ll be glad to answer them! Good luck on your season!


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