Yahoo Sports Fantasy Basketball – Week 2


Made it through the second week of Yahoo sports fantasy basketball, and had another rough week. Although I technically had a better week, losing 4-5, I still fell another spot in the standings to the 8th position. I did, however, make a good waiver wire pick up towards the end of the week that should pay out in the end. Here’s what happened in my Yahoo fantasy basketball league in week 2.

Have strong defensive players

I had nice leads in rebounds and blocks, winning the rebound battle 249-216, and the block stat 29-15. That’s the good part. Steals were tough to come from, with me losing this category 33-50. Rudy Gobert obviously was going to help me here, and finished the week with 55 boards and added 5 blocks on top of that. In addition to that, I had 5 other players with over 20 rebounds, and 2 other players with more than 5 blocks, although one of those was Nerlens Noel who had 6 blocks in one game, but not much else throughout the first two weeks so he was dropped in favor of more competitive players.

Won 2 other categories

Field goal percentage was won with a very healthy .458, against my opponents .413, and I was able to win the turnover battle for the second week in a row. Caris Levert from the Brooklyn Nets had the most turnovers with only 10, but with 54 points and 16 boards during the week that is not bad compared to his other contributions. With a field goal percentage over 45% I should do well if my players can keep that up over the season.

Need some better shooting

My shooters did not come out this past week, because outside of the field goal percentage I was unable to win any other offensive category. The closest I cam was in overall points, finishing with 541 points against my opponents 576. Free throw percentage was not even close, with only a .771 free throw percentage and theirs were .819.

It got even worse, with my team only getting 43 three point shots while the other team had almost twice that, with 80! We finished almost 30 assists behind as well with 114 versus 143.

Who did good?

Obviously my first couple draft picks, Kyrie Irving and Rudy Gobert, did their parts. Irving finished with 70 points for the week, along with 22 rebounds, 26 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks with only 9 turnovers. His field goal percentage of 44% and free throw percentage of almost 85% were helpful as well.

Gobert was of course a rebound monster with those 55 boards, but also finished with 55 points with 5 steals and 5 blocks as well. To be expected for a center, he had a high field goal percentage, .640, but a lower free throw percentage of .697. Very solid output from my center position.

Jayson Tatum, my third pick is carrying his weight also, with 49 points and 8 three pointers made. The rest of his stat line was lacking, with only 10 rebounds, 5 assists and no steals, but still a solid overall week.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is turning out to be a nice addition to this team, although his field goal percentage is a little low as he learns the NBA game, he still had 58 points, 25 rebounds and 11 assists for the week. In addition, he made 5 – 3 pointers, while only having 5 turnovers.

Bam Adebayo, Patrick Beverly and Delon Wright are also all doing their parts in helping this team win, especially for being drafted later in the fantasy draft. They will continue to help in my opinion throughout this year.

Who needs to step it up?

The first player just needs to step out on the floor, since Blake Griffin is still battling injury as of the end of week 2. He was supposed to start on Monday to start off week 4 but we will see.

Christian Wood is one of those players that will be up and down all season, and will actually be affected with Black Griffin’s return, but until that happens it would be nice to see Wood putting up some stats with Griffin on the bench. Last week he only had 9 points and 4 boards, with 3 blocks fortunately. Definitely need to see more output from him going forward.

Josh Hart was a player that I thought would start of much faster with New Orleans, getting more playing time, but that hasn’t materialized just yet. There is a lot of potential in this young player though, and I am sure he will pick up his game soon

Changes to be made

With Enes Kanter joining Blake Griffin on the injured list, I was able to add an extra player for now, and I used that on Eric Paschall for the Golden State Warriors. With Klay Thompson already out for a while, if not the entire season, and now Steph Curry joining him with the broken hand, Paschall with have a lot of opportunities in a high-powered offense coached by Steve Kerr. I still have not decided who to drop when Kanter comes back, but in the mean time I will enjoy the offensive production from Paschall.

As I mentioned earlier, I dropped Nerlens Noel in favor of T.J. Warren of the Indiana Pacers. Although the defensive stats are important, there are more offensive categories in Yahoo fantasy basketball leagues, so I needed an upgrade here. Warren looks to have a bright future so we will see if this change pans out.

On to week 3

Sitting at number 8 now out of 12, it is time to start getting some wins and move up the standings. Although it is very early in the season, and lots of basketball to be played, you don’t want to fall to far down that standings. The farther down you go the tougher it is to climb back up!

With the 2 additions for this week I expect to do better, especially in the offensive categories. We will see next week how these moves actually work!

Thank you for following my fantasy basketball season, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. Or if you have suggestions that could help me and others, those are welcome as well. Hope you have a great week!


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