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Welcome to Fantasy Sports Dad! Here we will discuss many aspects of fantasy sports, answer questions about different players and teams as well as types of fantasy sports, such as football, basketball, baseball and others. And if you are a dad like me, trying to juggle work, youth sports and some fantasy sports drop me a comment at the bottom and say hello!

My wife and I were married earlier this year and stay busy raising 4 kids. If I am not at work I am probably at a kids football game, or volleyball game, or orchestra concert of some sort. It is a good life, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

How I became a fantasy sports enthusiast

I have always loved sports. Early in my life, watching a Chicago Bears team doing their Super Bowl shuffle I was hooked. Through all the ups and downs (and being a Chicago sports fan there are plenty of downs let me tell you!) I still keep coming back for more.

Not too long after Walter Payton and Da Bears caught my attention I came across a version of fantasy football in the local newspaper. You chose members of NFL football teams based on tiers, a mix of quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers and mailed in your team. Every few weeks you would get a report in the mail telling you how you were doing against the thousands of others playing the same game.

Then this thing called the internet came along and completely changed the game. Before long, you could join leagues with people all over the world in minutes. Fantasy football has always been my favorite, and to my wife’s joy I manage 7-8 season long leagues, in addition to daily fantasy as well. After football, I began playing fantasy basketball and baseball, which can be a lot of fun with multiple games per week.

The More The Merrier

The most fun I have about fantasy sports is the debate leading up to, during, and after games. Did my players perform better than yours? Did I make a bad decision that cost me the game? As with anything worth doing, fantasy sports are more fun with your friends.

Since fantasy sports is not an exact science, a lot of it is up for debate. Who should you start? Who should you even have on your team? Do you have too many at one position, and maybe need to look for a trade? So many questions, and there are many answers.

A place to talk fantasy sports

This website will be a place where I can give my insights on the games happening across the fantasy sports world, and discuss them with you. There are sports year round, so there is no end to the fun!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. I had no idea such a Sport existed. As a retired person, with no children or young ones around, is that a good enough reason?
    I read where you first found out about the ‘Fantasy Sports World’ from your local paper. And it is this that got you started.
    What do you mean when you ‘run 7-8 season long leagues?
    Do you physically run?

    • It definitely make Sundays a little more exciting. I’ve occasionally watched a game that I wouldn’t have before just because of the fantasy football implications! Yes, the Dallas Morning News used to have a version of fantasy football where you chose players out of different tiers, and received updates via the mail. This was back when John Elway and Troy Aikman were playing! No, I rarely run these days, except after my kids occasionally 🙂 I guess a better word would be manage 7-8 season long leagues. There are also daily fantasy sports now, where you can draft a new team every week, I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for companies like Draftkings and Fanduel. Thanks for checking out the site, I appreciate it!

  2. It’s a great time of year for fantasy football, especially for those who are in the playoffs and are jockeying for position. It must have been great to watch the Bears do the Super Bowl shuffle and to watch Walter Payton in action. A dominant defense truly is something to behold. Your website looks pretty outstanding and you did a great job in the about section here. I look forward to checking back to see what insights you have for the playoffs. Best luck with the site and with your team!

    • They were a great team, it’s too bad they weren’t able to keep up and get a few more super bowls! Unfortunately that’s the last one I’ve seen the bears win. There’s always next year though! 

  3. wow! What a great article! I don’t know more about the game but you remind me some years back when I was in high school I used to follow and watch game on every weekend, as and the discussion could start just after the match and it could be ATS it’s pic when we get to class, analysing the teams on what the team did wrong and also the advantages of one team over the other, i just got those memories while reading your article, I really appreciate your efforts in sharing this post, I am sure to subscribe to learn more about fantasy sports, and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    • Joy in glad I could give you a nice trip down memory lane! Thank you for following, if you ever have any questions please let me know! 

  4. Thanks Travis for this wonderful article about fantasy sports. I have enjoyed it though am not good at sports and I have also liked your determination towards sports because you have shown it when you insisted on them until you came across a version about fantasy football in a local newspaper and you moved on which is interesting and am soon visiting your website for more updates about fantasy sports. Thanks very much for this article admin. 

    • Glad you enjoyed it, yes I have been a sports fan my entire life! Now that I’m too old to play fantasy sports fills in nicely. Have a great day! 

  5. Love your page, your website as a whole. You’ve done a great job with your blogs. I’m really interested in keeping up with this website, as a big football fan myself, and a newbie in fantasy sports. I really appreciate to time you take out of your busy life to write about what you love. This website helps me tremendously and I’m very interested in finding a NO Saints bobble head. Thank you I’ve bookmarked this site and I appreciate your insight. 

  6. I love seeing your sporting posts here and I love seeing your love for sports more and thank you so much for sharing your comments.Now in the present time we are moving away from the sport and such posts and such inspirational people are less seen in the present society, we need a lot to build a more beautiful and sporting society.

  7. Hi Travis, good to see you do what you truly love and not trading it for the world. Your family love sports, you and your kids especially; I don’t really know much about fantasy sports, not until I started reading your posts about fantasy sports for some time now and it really looks interesting and exciting too.

    Sports have united the world physical, now it’s uniting the world virtually. Isn’t it amazing?

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