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We have gone through our lists of top 12 NFL bobbleheads by position, now we will begin to go through the top 10 by team.  We will begin with America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. With a long and storied history that spans two separate cores of players who won multiple Super Bowls, there are many players that could be on this list. If you have any comments or somebody you think deserved to be on the list please leave those in the comment section at the bottom!

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Emmitt Smith – Running Back 1990-2004

Any list of Dallas Cowboys has to start with Emmitt Smith. The NFL’s all-time leading rusher was an integral part of the Cowboys team that won 3 of 4 Super Bowl’s in the early ’90s. In fact, he won the rushing title in each of those 3 years, and to that point that had never been done. Always humble, Emmitt Smith is one of the greatest football players to ever play the game.

Roger Staubach – Quarterback 1969- 1979

Roger Staubach was the leader of the Dallas Cowboys team that went to 5 Super Bowls in the ’70s, winning 2 of them. After winning the Super Bowl MVP after the ’71 season, Staubach joined a very small list of players to win both the Super Bowl MVP and the Heisman in college. And all of this was after serving 4 years in the United States Navy and a tour in Vietnam!

Michael Irvin – Wide Receiver 1988 – 1999

Irvin was part of the “triplets” that along with Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman led a dominate Cowboys team to 3 out of 4 Super Bowls in the early ’90s. A physical receiver on the outside, Irvin caught anything that was thrown his way, it was tough to focus strictly on stopping Smith with Irvin on the field as well.


Jason Witten – Tight End 2003-2017, 2019

When the only person you are trailing in receiving yards and catches by a tight end is Tony Gonzalez, you are in pretty good company. In his initial run with the Cowboys from 2003 to 2017, Witten only missed one game, his rookie season, after breaking his jaw! After taking a year off to join the Monday Night Football crew, Witten came back in 2019, and although he didn’t have the burst he had when he was younger, he was still able to make big play after big play when he was needed. The epitome of a team player, Jason Witten will be in the hall of fame 5 years after he decides to finally leave the game.

Troy Aikman – Quarterback 1989 – 2000

Obviously have to put the last member of the triplets on here. Starting with the Cowboys when they were 1-15, to winning the first of three Super Bowls 3 years later, Troy Aikman was one of the most accurate passers in the NFL, winning the Super Bowl MVP in 1992 while throwing for 273 yards and 4 touchdowns on 22-30 passing.

Daryl Johnston – Fullback 1989-1999

Often overlooked with the amount of talent on that loaded Cowboys team of the early ’90s, Daryl Johnston was key to helping Emmitt Smith get many of those yards while catching the occasional pass out of the backfield from Troy Aikman. That team would not have been as good without Johnston on the field.

Tony Romo – Quarterback 2003 – 2016

Tony Romo does not have the postseason success of the other quarterbacks on this list, but he had his share of success on the football field. He is the Cowboys all-time leader in passing touchdowns and passing yards among other records, and his 97.1 rating ranks him at number 4 of quarterbacks that have never made the Super Bowl.

Tom Landry – Coach 1960 – 1988

Any list about the Dallas Cowboys has to include their first coach, Tom Landy. During his 29 years as head coach, the Cowboys became “America’s Team”, and had a record 20 consecutive years with a winning record. In addition, in a 13 year period from  1970 – 1982, the Cowboys played in 10 NFC championship games, going to 5 Super Bowls and winning 2 of them.

Ezekiel Elliot – Running Back 2016 – present

Still early in his career, “Zeke” Elliot is proving he is one of the best in the game. The leading rusher in 2 of his first 3 years, the Cowboys are definitely a better team when he gets rolling.

Dak Prescott – Quarterback 2016 – present

The latest quarterback to lead the Cowboys, Dak Prescott has a bright future. With just under 5,000 passing yards in 2019, he is starting to grow into the franchise quarterback for America’s Team.

There are many more that should be on the list, but there are not many bobbleheads from players from the Doomsday Defense of the ’70s. Which players would you like to see on this list? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day!






  1. Hey, I enjoy while checking on each NFL Bobbleheads. Your top 10 NFL Bobbleheads – Dallas Cowboys is very awesome for everyone like me. I like Emmitt Smith – Running Back 1990-2004 and Roger Staubach – Quarterback 1969- 1979. Now it’s time to buy both. Your guide help me to choose the best. Keep the grate work up. I hope everyone will enjoy like me and few today.

  2. Hello Travis. Nice to see you make this post to share with us the top 10 NFL Bobbleheads Dallas Cowboys. I am really amazed at the awesomeness of these players because they have proven themselves to be truly awesome considering their achievements over the years as great players of Dallas Cowboys. They deserve to be on this list.


  3. Wow – I had no idea bobbleheads were so expensive! My dad’s birthday is coming up in March and I’m thinking now that bobbleheads are out of the question. They are a lot of fun, though. Maybe some other relatives can pitch in with me and we’ll get him one. He’s old so perhaps he’d enjoy the Tom Landry bobblehead. I’ll have to casually ask him if he knows who Tom is. Hopefully, he won’t get suspicious. Thank you for sharing these cute collectibles!

    • They range in price, but with a team as popular as the Dallas cowboys they can get a little pricey. They are still very cool, I have some of my favorite team, the Chicago bears

  4. Hi! I agree with this list! My favorite player in this list is Troy Aikman! I grew up watching Ice man do those spectacular passes and how could I not admire this great quarterback how has the most number of seasons as the starting quarterback with the Cowboys. Twelve consecutive seasons!

    Cool post! Thank you very much!

    • Thank you! Troy Aikman was a great quarterback, and I love that he has stayed in the game by being a broadcaster since he left the game. 

  5. What a fun way to learn about Dallas Cowboys team through the bobbleheads! Thank you for the post. I will now surprise my son with the knowledge I acquired from reading your post. American football is not the sport I grew up with… but my son loves it!

    This must be a very helpful post for bobbleheads collectors and football fans. I noticed that some of them are very popular: there is only one Emmitt Smith Bobblehead left in stock. The fans should hurry if they want to get it!

    All the best,

    ~ Julia

    • Agreed, Emmitt Smith is definitely one of the most popular dallas cowboys! I will keep an eye on that to see if they get more in stock

  6. I think you have put together a tremendous list of potential candidates with this top 10 list of potential NFL bobblehead figures from the Dallas Cowboys. The team had fielded some real greats over the decades and was known as America’s team with reason.

    These choices are all ones I can agree with and I would not change any from the top 10. If there were some additional spots available I perhaps might add Jimmy Johnson. He and his teams put together some great numbers in their day, and he is a name and personality that still is out there through his work with the NFL. I loved the theme of the post!

    • I am definitely a fan of Jimmy Johnson, I was sad when he left after being the Dallas cowboys won 2 straight super bowls. Good choice! 

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