5 Best Smart TV Deals on Amazon


Black Friday is right around the corner, and if you are like me you are in the market for a new TV. This isn’t like it was in what my kids call the dinosaur ages when I was growing up. I remember my first TV as an “adult” – I was 18 but now realize I was nowhere near as grown as I thought I was!.

I bought a 27″ RCA stereo TV and thought is was this absolute coolest thing I had ever seen! I actually lugged that big ol’ TV around for nearly 20 years, letting my son use it until it finally gave out a few years ago.

It is a different day and age now. You go into any electronic store and head over to the televisions. and you will see all kinds of different sizes, brands, and types of TV’s. Gone are the days of the bulky TVs that took two people to carry anything bigger than a 19″. There are TVs now that are not much thicker than a credit card! That being said, let’s look into what to look for this Black Friday when searching for your new smart TV on Amazon.

LED, 4K, LCD, 1080p, what does all of this mean?

Just in case you are curious, LCD stands for liquid crystal display, which have been the main display type of television sold for over a decade. LED is just a type of LCD TV, which stands for light-emitting diodes. Unless you bought your TV when I bought my amazing RCA, you have an LED TV.

If you haven’t bought a TV in a few years, you are probably watching programs on a 1080p television. Although there is a bunch of scientific jargon that would explain what that is, all you really care about is what does this mean for you right? Basically, with a 1080p TV you are seeing approximately 2 million pixels. By now, I am sure you have seen the 4K TVs being sold anywhere that sells them. For comparison’s sake, on a 4K TV there are 8 million pixels!

Just because TV companies like to be fancy, you may have seen some TVs advertised as Ultra HD. While this isn’t exactly false advertising, it is the just another way of describing a 4K television.

How Big of a TV do I need?

This really depends on where you are putting your TV. If you are looking for a bedroom TV, 32″ should be plenty, where as a living room TV you may want a 55″. Obviously budget fits in here too, if you only have $300 to spend, that 65″ beauty will probably have to wait until next time.

Remember that these sizes are measured diagonally, not side to side. The best thing to do in my opinion is to head up to the electronic store and see what size looks the best for you.

Do I want a Smart TV?

Most TVs now days are smart TVs, which just means that they are basically ready to be connected to the internet without any other device (Roku, PlayStation, etc.) It makes things much more simple if you like to stream Netflix or Hulu on your TV. You will want to make sure that you see which type of smart TV you are looking at.

There are a lot of smart TVs that come with Roku already programmed, and I personally have used a LG smart tv and really like the user interface of it, as it was very easy to switch back and forth between apps. Other companies are coming out with their own version of smart TV programming, such as Samsung and Amazon, so there isn’t a drop off among the higher end TV companies these days.

Where you need to worry is if there is no specific operating system for the smart TV. You will still be able to use it to stream your shows, but there are no guarantees that you will not come across playability problems in the future.

If you find a TV that you love and it isn’t a smart TV, don’t worry. Pick up a Roku or Amazon firestick and connect that to your TV and you will be able to use all of the functions of a smart TV.

Which Brand should I be looking for?

A lot of this comes down to budget. If you have a few more dollars to spend, obviously you will want a Sony or a Samsung television. LG is another company that has become one of the top TV producers in recent years. Of course, if you still want that big TV but don’t quite have the budget, there are plenty of lower end television companies that put out high quality products, that just do not have the name recognition as those other brands. Vizio is one brand that I have had and enjoyed in the past.

Other Factors

There are almost unlimited variables that you can look for when looking for a new TV. One of the most important is the amount of HDMI ports, you will want at least 4. If you have a blu ray player and a video game system attached to your TV that is 2 ports used already.

The refresh rate is also something to look at, 60 hz is fairly standard but 120 is the lowest you will want if you want to have the TV for awhile. The new fad is a curved TV, which is supposed to immerse you into the television more, but honestly I do not think it is worth the extra cost.

You may see an 8K TV while you are shopping, but it is a little early to get one of those. Although you are now talking about 16 million pixels, there is not any content made for an 8K TV, and streaming in 4K is already too much for most people’s internet connection, so obviously not ready for more bandwidth.

Here are 5 of the best deals on TVs you will find on Amazon:

Hisense 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV HDR

Hisense is one of those brands that puts out high quality products, but not at the level of Sony or Samsung. a 50″ 4k smart tv for only $269 is not a bad deal at all, and the HDR (high dynamic range) will give you an even better picture.

Samsung  50″  Smart 4K UHD TV W/ Bundle

For another $90, you can get a similar TV from Samsung. This also comes with a nice bundle, with 2 – 6ft HDMI cables, as well as TV cleaner (if you have kids this will come in handy!) and a 6 plug surge protector with night light!

TCL 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV

TCL is budget friendly as well, as this 4K TV with Roku and HDR comes in 4 different sizes, from 42″ to 75″. Perfect for wherever you want to place it in your house.

Sony 55 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility

If you are looking for the top of the line, this TV is now selling for only $698 (was $799). A little more expensive than the other TVs on this list, but you get the name backing of Sony. The 55″ is actually less than the 43″ and 49″ right now, so definitely look into this if you are looking for a good deal!

LG 49-inch HDR 4K UHD Smart LED TV (2019) Bundle

This LG TV comes with a nice array of items for the cost of similar TVs at that size. You get a Deco Mount flat wall mounting kit, a Deco Gear wireless backlit keyboard, as well as a 6-outlet surge adapter with a nightlight. Very nice deal with lots of extras!

Well there you go, 5 of the best deals you will find on Amazon. As it gets closer to Black Friday I will be looking for better deals, so check in often to see what else there is. If you have any questions or if you have any of these TVs, please leave those below. Have a great Day!

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  1. As the sports season really starts to get more and more interesting, people start to consider the technology they are using to watch the fast action and close plays. TV technology can advance so fast that it may make sense to upgrade even before your old TV stops working. A smart TV adds huge modern conveniences that allow for a much wider variety of viewing experiences, so I appreciate the focus on this group of TVs. Thanks for pointing out some of the great smart TV deals that can be conveiently found on amazon!

    • This is my main focus as I look for a new TV, although my wife is more interested in watching movies on it! Thank you for looking over the selection of TVs!

  2. I haven’t owned a TV for about 10 years, but now I just got a new home I’m thinking of getting a cool one. Definitely looking for a smart TV around 32” to 50” for my bedroom so I can watch movies while falling asleep in bed. It’s pretty cool that these TVs can connect to the internet so I can stream Netflix or even YouTube videos. No more will I have to lay in bed holding up my smartphone with one hand, with a smart TV I can just watch everything on the big screen.

    • What’s even cooler is that on most of these newer TVs you can start watching something on your phone and send it to the TV and finish watching it there! Enjoy your new TV!

  3. Black Friday is so going to be fun, thanks for this information, it came at the very right time. Upgrade is what I need in my television so it’s gonna be the best idea to just change it. I find the tips you gave helpful as they will serve as guide whenever you decide to get one and the recommendations in this article are really nice looking and with nice feature. I’ll share it with my wife so we can decide it together. Thanks.

  4. It is very coincidental that I came across your post today as my TV just broke last week. I have been debating on whether or not I can wait until Black Friday to get a new one or if I should just go ahead and purchase one now. I honestly have been quite lazy and just haven’t had the time to do any research on which TV to purchase so this was very helpful. 

    I am also a huge Amazon shopper as I am a Prime member and hate to go to the store for anything anymore. The refresher on the difference between the quality of TV’s and also the most popular brands that are out was extremely helpful in itself! Thank you for sharing!

    • I agree 100%! I have become so addicted to the idea of online shopping, I barely go to the store for anything outside of groceries anymore! It’s not a bad life!

  5. Thanks for this great post about TV deals although I was using a kind of old black and white tv before a friend of mine introduced  me to the samsung led tv though its refurbished  but ever since I have been using it doesn’t  have any fault or looks like its gonna get faulty I love the way it displays theis Led,LCD TVs  are just the best. Thanks 

  6. The prices of television has gone up drastically and I got one recently, had it been I remembered Amazon black Friday, I wouldn’t have spend such huge amount on television, I could probably have gotten it for a cheap price. I enjoy the details here about what to look for when buying a new TV. My favorite of the recommended televisions is the Samsung LED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV 50. it’s nice that you helped. 

    • I agree, there are lots of options. A lot of companies are starting there black Friday sales early the last few years, these TVs are 100s of dollars off the original price. The Samsung is definitely worth checking out!

  7. I dont watch a lot of tele, just the footy and the odd documentary are about it for me. However I do need a new one and I am always captivated by the quality of tv’s these day when I go into an electronics shop.

    You have some good suggestions here for me as I really have no Idea of what to look for. So this has raised alot of interest for me and got me quite excited about making a purchase very soon 

    Thank you

    • Glad you liked the ideas, honestly if you are looking to watch some sports and documentaries, you don’t need to worry about HDMI ports and such. Any of these 4K TVs should work perfect for you!

  8. Hey there again sports dad, thanks for the great review. 

    I was surprised to find such great content and diverse in the same blog.

    I am looking forward into finding more great articles, and finally I learnt what are exactly each part of a TV description and I can now properly choose my myself.

    I will take the Samsung LED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV, 50″… why? 

    Samsung – brand that I trust with average prices and above average quality. Led technology, so I know it is one of the latest and with better quality. UHD, so I will see all my videos, films, TV, netflix, all in ultra high definition, and SMART, so I can connect and control it all! A_MA_ZIN_G! 

    • What better way to watch your fantasy sports players than on a nice new TV? I agree with the Samsung, I am a big fan and that may be the direction I end up going. Thanks for looking them over!

  9. Just like you, I have been waiting for Black Friday and it is almost closer than ever.

    This post really has some quality and basic information about television sets. I know LED TVs, LCD TVs, 4K TVs. But I never had any idea about the number of Pixels LCD and 4K TVs had. Good to know!

    The Sony X800G 55 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility sounds like a great deal.

  10. Technology has really advanced in a very period of time. TVs were usually bulky and old fashioned, now they are light weighted, very slim and colourful. Cool to see that 4K Television is also called Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs.

    I can see that you have a great taste. I was wondering, which of this TV set is your favourite?

    • I am going back and forth here, but I think that I will be going with the Hisense, you get a little more size for the money. I already have a Samsung though and do love it, so I may change my mind!

  11. Hi, I had no idea that you could buy a TV online, or even on Amazon for that matter. That is very cool.

    I like that you have reviewed the best deals for me to check out. The last thing I am in the mood for is doing research on what TV I should buy. So this is a pretty useful article for me.

    Smart TV’s are getting more and more advanced technologically, which is a very cool thing. It is probably interesting learning about all these cool TV’s new features. 

    I am pretty sure my TV  is a smart TV, but it was a gift from my sister, so I have no idea how to use it. I only use my TV for playing my XBOX. So what TV would you say the best for gaming? (in terms of best graphics)

    Do you find that these TV’s are pretty easy to set up with Bluetooth speakers, and can you recommend your favorites for gaming and movies?

    Great job here. Thanks.

    • Most of these new TVs are great for gaming, unless it is one of those lower end TVs that you aren’t familiar with the brand. I personally am a big fan of Samsung, but Sony puts out a great TV as well, perfect for movies, sports or video games. Blu tooth speakers are typically easy to set up, just follow the prompts on your television under the setting option. If you run into any trouble please let me know! 

  12. I got a Panasonic 50 inch TV HD LED for cheap because my friend got it during the lucky draw and she is selling it, I took the opportunity to press it down as I have the ready cash to buy. She let go with my price as no one each wanted that time. I thought the tv was too big at the time, but now people are going for 60 inches? That’s too big for me, I can literally see the person’s pimple on tv. But it is always good to use to watch football or any sports matches as we can see the ball clearly, LOL. I saw Samsung came out with the curve TV type, what do you think of those? They also came out with a picture frame type, it can be disguised as a picture frame literally. What’s your opinion on those?

    • The curved TVs look really cool, but I don’t think it is worth the big price increase. As far as the TVs that can be hung as simply as a picture frame I believe that will be the future of television’s as we get the technology to make them smaller as the screen sizes get bigger. I agree a 60″ is a little larger than what I’m personally looking for, I think 55″ would be about my limit. Thank you for checking out my page, have a good one! 

  13. Hello Travis, you have a list of nice tv here and I have seen some of them being used and i love how effective it is with regards picture quality and even audio. I am currently in search of a good tv set, although i am not ready to buy it yet, so I’ll bookmark this post so I can make reference to it when i am ready to get one for myself. The Samsung tv is the one i would love to get.

    • I am a big Samsung fan myself, I think that will probably be the next one that I get personally. Good luck with your search, please let me know if you need anything! 

  14. Wow, this are really nice TV here. I have not thought of changing my TV yet but I have always wanted a smart TV because these days, everything that people use is usually on a smart level. This is the part where technology has gone a very far way in giving people the best. I will bookmark this post for when I am ready to but one. Thanks!

  15. hello dear,thanks for putting out this article I would be of great to help to the public and me also.I find the tips you gave helpful as they will serve as guide whenever someone decide to get one and the recommendations in this article are really nice looking and with nice feature.i think black Friday is going to be a blast

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