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We are half-way through May, and even though most of the country is still trying to figure out how our major sporting events will take place, the NFL has held its draft and released its schedule for the 2020 season.

Although there is still over 3 months until the NFL season is set to begin, with the draft and a majority of free agency in the books, here is my early NFL fantasy football rankings for this year.

Running Backs

The running back pool was deep last year, with 29 different backs averaging at least 11 points a game that played 9 or more games. McCaffrey stood head and shoulders above the rest, averaging almost 30 a game, and no reason to not believe that he will continue that production this year.

Tier 2 contains running backs that can carry your fantasy team as well, as long as they can stay healthy. Cook and Barkley both missed multiple games last year, showing the importance of handcuffing your top players.

You can find good backs in tiers 3 and 4 as well, many of which who will have a majority of their teams carries. With David Johnson being traded to Houston, that gives him more carries and Kenyan Drake the opportunity to become a top-10 fantasy running back.

Tier of his own:

1. Christian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers

Tier 2:

2. Saquon Barkley – New York Giants

3. Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings

4. Alvin Kamara – New Orleans Saints

5. Ezekiel Elliott – Dallas Cowboys

6. Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans

Tier 3:

7. Austin Ekeler – Los Angeles Chargers

8. Nick Chubb – Cleveland Browns

9. Josh Jacobs – Las Vegas Raiders

10. Kenyan Drake – Arizona Cardinals

11. Joe Mixon – Cincinnati Bengals

12. Aaron Jones – Green Bay Packers

13. Miles Sanders – Philadelphia Eagles

Tier 4:

14. Le’veon Bell – New York Jets

15. Leonard Fournette – Jacksonville Jaguars

16. Melvin Gordon – Denver Broncos

17. James Conner – Pittsburgh Steelers

18. Todd Gurley – Atlanta Falcons

19. David Johnson – Houston Texans

20. Chris Carson – Seattle Seahawks

Wide Receivers


In today’s pass happy league, there are more opportunities for receivers to have a big impact in fantasy football. Especially in a PPR league, the right wide receiver combination can take you to fantasy football gold.

There was unprecedented quarterback change this offseason, so there are some wide receivers that have seen their stock improve, especially in the case Chris Godwin and Mike Evans in Tampa Bay, with the addition of Tom Brady.

Deandre Hopkins, already one of the top wide receivers in the NFL, moved out west to the Arizona Cardinals where he will catch passes from last year’s 1st overall pick Kyler Murray, which should help the young quarterback.

Tier 1:

1. Michael Thomas – New Orleans Saints

2. Deandre Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals

Tier 2:

3. Chris Godwin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons

5. Davonte Adams – Green Bay Packers

6. Amari Cooper – Dallas Cowboys

7. Kenny Golladay – Detroit Lions

8. Tyreek Hill – Kansas City Chiefs

Tier 3:

9. Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10. Allen Robinson – Chicago Bears

11. Adam Thielen – Minnesota Vikings

12. Odell Beckham Jr. – Cleveland Browns

13. Juju Smith-Schuster – Pittsburgh Steelers

Tier 4:

14. DJ Moore – Carolina Panthers

15. Keenan Allen – Los Angeles Chargers

16. Courtland Sutton – Denver Broncos

17. Tyler Lockett – Seattle Seahawks

18. T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts

19. A.J. Brown – Tennessee Titans

20. Calvin Ridley – Atlanta Falcons


Lamar Jackson exploded last year in his MVP season, averaging more than 6 points/game than the second best quarterback. Although a repeat season will be tough, his ability to run the ball give him the opportunity to take over any game.

Mahomes fell back a little from his MVP season the year before, partially due to a knee injury that caused him to miss 2 games. Barring injury he should be able to get back to form this year.

The days of a pocket quarterback leading your fantasy team, such as Drew Brees and Tom Brady, is coming to an end. The ability to scramble out of the pocket and make plays with their legs helps their team on the field and your fantasy team at the same time, considering that most leagues give more points for rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

Tier 1:

1. Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens

2. Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

3. Russel Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

4. Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans

Tier 2:

5. Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

6. Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

7. Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

8. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

9. Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

11. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

12. Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles

Tier 3:

13. Mathew Stafford – Detroit Lions

14. Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings

15. Daniel Jones – New York Giants

16. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

Tier 4:

17. Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns

18. Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams

19. Jimmy Garoppolo – San Francisco 49ers

20. Drew Lock – Denver Broncos

Tight Ends

The elite tight end group continues to grow, from just Kelce and Ertz a couple of years ago, then Kittle, and now Mark Andrews as one of Lamar Jackson’s favorite targets.

The drop off to the second tier is not as drastic as it once was, and obviously before his retirement and subsequent trade to Tampa Bay, Rob Gronkowski was the best tight end in the game – when healthy.

Tier 3 is full of solid tight ends, who have the ability to score big fantasy points but most weeks will be average, then tier 4 you have to hope that they reach their potential for this year.

Tier 1:

1. Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs

2. George Kittle – San Francisco 49ers

3. Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles

4. Mark Andrews – Baltimore Ravens

Tier 2:

5. Darren Waller – Las Vegas Raiders

6. Rob Gronkowski – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

7. Austin Hooper – Cleveland Browns

8. Hunter Henry – Los Angeles Chargers

Tier 3:

9. Evan Engram – New York Giants

10. Tyler Higbee – Los Angeles Rams

11. Jared Cook – New Orleans Saints

12. Noah Fant – Denver Broncos

13. Mike Gesicki – Miami Dolphins

14. Jack Doyle – Indianapolis Colts

Tier 4:

15. Jimmy Graham – Chicago Bears

16. T.J. Hockenson – Detroit Lions

17. Hayden Hurst – Atlanta Falcons

18. Eric Ebron – Pittsburgh Steelers

19. Blake Jarwin – Dallas Cowboys

20. Chris Herndon – New York Jets

Defense / Special Teams

A strong defense / special teams can put you over the top in your fantasy league. Sometimes to get the tier 1 defenses though you may have to reach a little earlier than you really want to.

Tier 2 defenses will be solid and get you good points every week, and sometimes high scoring output. Tier 3 should at least not lose you any games, while tier 4 defenses you will want to look at the match ups from week to week.

Tier 1:

1. San Francisco 49ers

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Chicago Bears

Tier 2:

4. Buffalo Bills

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. New England Patriots

7. Indianapolis Colts

8. Denver Broncos

9. Minnesota Vikings

Tier 3:

10. New Orleans Saints

11. Los Angeles Chargers

12. New York Jets

13. Dallas Cowboys

14. Kansas City Chiefs

15. Los Angeles Rams

Tier 4:

16. Seattle Seahawks

17. Houston Texans

18. Green Bay Packers

19. Tennessee Titans

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


There is still plenty of time before fantasy football drafts, but it is never too early to start preparing. Things will change but for now this is my rankings for the upcoming fantasy football season. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Love your enthusiasm for fantasy football! I have several dynasty leagues and would appreciate if there would be more dynasty rankings online for the skill position players. Just an idea if you want to go down that path sometime.

    That being said, I sure hope there is a football season this fall!

    I might slightly disagree with Evans being several spots below Godwin.

    Although Hopkins was so good the last few years, he was on my championship team the last 2 seasons, I probably will not consider him a top 2 WR. A wideout changing teams is a caution sign for me.

    • I have never tried a dynasty league, it does sound intriguing! 

      I could definitely see Evans having a good year, but Godwin was the second highest scoring wide receiver in fantasy football last year behind Michael Thomas, and with Tom Brady there I see that continuing.

      The Hopkins trade is puzzling, I haven’t heard any reports about him being a bad teammate or anything, so I do not know why they would trade him. Playing with Larry Fitzgerald though should help him in the long run, lots to learn there!

  2. So many of us have missed watching and getting excited by sports so far this year. Being from the UK and living with a Liverpool fan, it is certainly a shame that we have not been able to follow the year through as we normally would. Let’s hope that the next 3 months run smoothly so that the NFL schedule is able to go ahead.

    You are clearly an NFL fan and I think that it is great to be able to still talk and get excited about it all, so great work on creating this article and still allowing an element of normality in our lives during this crazy time.

    Let’s hope your predictions serve you well and you end up coming out on top with your fantasy team too.

    • I saw that the German soccer league started back up yesterday, so hopefully Liverpool will be back playing soon! It is definitely a new time, but let us all hope that we get this figured out so that we can get back to normal as soon as possible

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article and all the useful explanation given. My uncle is a fan of American football and does not miss any match of the New York Giants. Unfortunately, lately, due to this critical situation, the sport has suffered. But thanks to you who remind us how beautiful football is, we can hope that everything will be fine. If you don’t mind I would like to share this article with my uncle and also on my online social accounts.

    • Fortunately for the NFL all of this has happened during the offseason, so hopefully things will get better by the time the actual season roles around

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