Dallas Cowboys Schedule Breakdown


America’s Team made a few changes over the offseason, most notable at the top with Jason Garrett fired as the head coach, replaced by former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. With one of the most talented teams, at least on paper, in the NFL, it is clear that Jerry Jones is tired of the mediocrity that has plagued the Cowboys since before the turn of the millennium.

Obviously when the NFL released the schedule last week it was in hopes that the season will operate as normal, but with the pandemic that has shut down all major sports in the USA that remains to be seen. However, if the season does go on, here is my Dallas Cowboys schedule breakdown.

Image by Daniel Hill from Pixabay

Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams 9-13, 8:25 pm est

The Cowboys begin their season on Sunday night football traveling to Los Angeles to face the Rams. The Rams will be opening at their brand new 5 billion dollar Sofi Stadium in the season opener, but will fans be allowed in the stadium even if the game is played on time?

Both teams barely missed the playoffs a year ago, although with the new playoff format of 7 teams per conference the Rams would have been in a year ago. The Rams lost offensive firepower in Todd Gurley and Brandon Cooks, and the Cowboys lost defensive starters Robert Quinn and Byron Jones.

This game will be close, but with Dak Prescott still in a salary dispute with the team and not expected to sign his franchise tag anytime soon, I think the Rams will get a win in their first game at Sofi Stadium.

Prediction: Cowboys 24, Rams 27 Season Record 0-1

Image by 272447 from Pixabay

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys 9-20, 1 pm est

The Falcons on paper are a very good team, but since losing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl a few years ago they have not had much success on the field, making the playoffs only once in the 3 years since.

The Cowboys will have extra incentive not to start 0-2, and should come out strong.

Prediction: Cowboys 31, Falcons 20 Season Record 1-1

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks 9-27, 4:25 pm est

As the Seahawks move further away from the vaunted Legion Of Boom and towards a team lead by quarterback Russel Wilson, they still have remained a playoff contender, missing the playoffs only once since 2011. This is another game that will be heavily affected by the pandemic, as Seattle has one of the biggest home-field advantages with their version of the 12th man.

Prediction: Cowboys 24, Seahawks 28 Season Record 1-2

Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys 10-4, 1 pm est

Cleveland is one of the few teams that gets as much media attention these days as the Cowboys (ok, almost as much). With high profile players such as OBJ and Baker Mayfield, it is easy to see why. Yet with all of that talent there has not been a translation to winning on the field. Perhaps new head coach Kevin Stefanski will help get them over the hump, but I doubt it helps on the road against the Cowboys.

Prediction: Cowboys 20, Browns 10 Season Record 2-2

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys 10-11, 4:25 pm est

This is the part of the schedule that gives the Cowboys a chance to string a few wins together. The Giants are in rebuilding mode still, and the Cowboys will not want Jason Garrett, the Giants new offensive coordinator, to get a win in Dallas. Look for the Cowboys to win big.

Prediction: Cowboys 35, Giants 17 Season Record 3-2

Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys 10-19, 8:15 pm est

The Cardinals come to town for the Cowboys only Monday night appearance of the season. Although the Cardinals did show improvement last year with their rookie quarterback Kyler Murray, I still do not see them being able to take down the Cowboys in Dallas.

Prediction: Cowboys 38, Cardinals 28 Season Record 4-2

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins 10-25, 1 pm est

The Redskins changed head coaches in the offseason as well, bringing former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera to lead their team. Rivera had a lot of success in Carolina, making it to the playoffs 4 years and reaching the Super Bowl once, but his teams struggled without Cam Newton playing the last couple of years. Dwayne Haskins got a little experience last year, starting 7 games, but has a long way to go to be at the MVP level that Cam Newton once was. Cowboys should have no problem getting their third straight win.

Prediction: Cowboys 31, Redskins 7 Season Record 5-2

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles 11-1, 8:20 pm est

In what could have big implications to the winner of the NFC East, the Cowboys will travel to Philadelphia for Sunday Night Football. Both teams improved their wide receiver corps in the offseason, and both added talented back up quarterbacks, the Cowboys in Andy Dalton and the Eagles in rookie Jalen Hurts. This will be a close, hard fought game, but the Eagles should be able to hold of their rivals at home.

Prediction: Cowboys 17, Eagles 21 Season Record 5-3

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Dallas Cowboys 11-8, 4:25 pm est

The Cowboys return home against a well coached team in the Steelers. Ben Roethlisbuerger’s health will definitely play a big part in this game, but even if healthy I think the Cowboys have enough weapons to beat Pittsburgh.

Prediction: Cowboys 28, Steelers 20 Season Record 6-3

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings 11-22, 4:25 pm est

After the bye, the Cowboys get the pleasure of traveling to Minnesota to play a tough Vikings team. With Dalvin Cook healthy, there are not many teams that can beat the Vikings, one of the best all around teams in the NFL. Kirk Cousins got better after his first season with the Vikings left much to be desired, and disgruntled wide receiver Stefon DIggs left to go to the Buffalo Bills. Look for the Cowboys to lose a close one here.

Prediction: Cowboys 14, Vikings 17 Season Record 6-4

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys 11-26, 4:30 pm est

The annual Thanksgiving game brings Washington to AT&T Stadium to face the Cowboys. The Cowboys have hosted a Thanksgiving game just about every year since 1966, with the exceptions of 1975 and 1977. The have face the Redskins 9 times in that span, with the Redskins only managing one victory in 2012. Expect the Cowboys to get another win in the rivalry this year.

Prediction: Cowboys 32, Redskins 18 Season Record 7-4

Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens 12-3, 8:20 pm est

In yet another prime time game for the Cowboys, they travel to Baltimore to face a Ravens team lead by reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson. Baltimore was expected to battle the Chiefs for the AFC Championship last year, but was upset by the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional round before that could happen.

Still, one of the toughest teams in the NFL, it will be tough for the Cowboys to go in to Baltimore and get a win.

Prediction: Cowboys 24, Ravens 31 Season Record 7-5

Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals 12-13, 1 pm est

The Bengals added Joe Burrow with the top pick of the draft this year, but that is not going to be enough to compete with the Cowboys coming off of the loss in Baltimore.

Prediction: Cowboys 42, Bengals 10 Season Record 8-5

San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys 12-20, 8:20 pm est

The defending Super Bowl runner-ups visit Dallas in the Cowboy’s 5th prime time game of the season. Although on paper the 49ers look like a tough match up, it is highly possible that they have a Super Bowl hangover. With both teams needing this win to stay in division races, look for home field to be the difference for the Cowboys.

Prediction: Cowboys 24, 49ers 21 Season Record 9-5

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys 12-27, 4:25 pm est

In the game that no doubt will determine the winner of the NFC East, in previous years under Jason Garrett the Cowboys would have crumbled under the pressure. With new head coach Mike McCarthy, however, I see them finally able to win a game late in the season against their divisional rival.

Prediction: Cowboys 28, Eagles 24 Season Record 10-5

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants 1-3, 1 pm est

It is always possible that when playing the last week of the season that playoff seeds have already been set and there is no reason to play. If the Cowboys need this game, I doubt that the Giants will be able to stop them from winning it.

Prediction: Cowboys 28, Giants 14 Season Record 11-5


The Cowboys have had a lot of talented teams in recent memory, but with head coach Mike McCarthy we will see if they are able to take the next step. What do you think? Will the Cowboys make the playoffs and a possible Super Bowl run? Or will they fail to live up to expectations yet again? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. This is a real nice run down of the Cowboys schedule. If your predictions hold up, I suspect they will be in the playoffs, I would be curious how they would stack up to the elite teams in the NFC to predict how a playoff run would go which has been the issue with Dallas all of these years. I hope we have a full and fun season football this year, we need it. 

    • Totally agree, this time has shown me how much I enjoy sports and football specifically. The Cowboys have the talent to make a run at the Super Bowl, but they always seem to fall short somehow though. Thanks for checking out my page!

  2. Will there actually be a football season? I certainly hope so. I can’t wait. Thank you for this Dallas Cowboys schedule breakdown. You have some interesting predictions here. I will interested to see if you think your predictions will change when we get closer to the start of the season. Are these set in stone for you or will you update this article? Cowboys over the 49ers huh? I guess we will have to wait to find out. 

    • As of now there will be a football season, only time will tell though. There are still a few months to go before that decision has to be made. I went back and forth on the San Francisco game, it will be close for sure. I will not update this but will check it after the season to see how close my predictions are!

  3. Hey Sports Dad, glad to see you grinding out the fantasy sports world during what amounts to an off-season. Seems as there will be some difficulty particularly with football making it back from this time off from sports. As for the Cowboys, as a Browns fan I don’t have many memories in recent years with the cowboys so glad they get the chance to play each other.

    • It has been tough, I am glad that the NFL has things like the draft and the schedule release that can be done in this time of pandemic. Hopefully they figure out a way to have the season still!

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